Brody Hutzler

Brody Hutzler


4/20/1971, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Birth Name

Ian Brody Hutzler


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If you're a fan of Daytime television, then chances are you've seen Brody Hutzler, who starred on Days of our Lives playing Patrick Lockart, brother of Mimi and son to Bonnie, from 2004 until 2006. Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Brody is a self-proclaimed Air Force brat who has…more


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  • Brody Hutzler ,is a very talented,good-looking,sexy,actor,who is different from all the rest. There is something about him,that makes him unique. He is a wonderful addition,to the cast of Days of Our Lives.moreless

    Brody is an extremely talented actor,who,also,happens to be very \"good looking\",and have a great body.

    He should definately have a bigger roll on \"DOOL\".

    He plays his part believeably well.He is a convincing brother,and son.

    He looks like he would get along with the rest of the cast.

    He and Julie,work very well together.

    Brody,defiantely,needs to become a more permanent part of the show.

    Brody also works very well with Kristian,and Missy.They have good chemistry.

    I believe Brody Hutzler,will make it very big someday,and become a regular household name,as \"Patrick\",such as \"Patch,and Kayla,Bo & Hope\" did.

    With a man that \"hot\",and talented,I believe he will go \"Far\",in his acting career.

    Thank Youmoreless