Brook Kerr





11/21/1973 , Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Birth Name

Brook Kerr




Brook and long-time boyfriend Christopher Warren had their only child, a son Christopher, on 15 January 1990. Despite reports to the contrary, Brook is not married to Christopher Warren. Their wedding ceremony as teens was invalid because Brook lied about her age. They are a very close family unit.

Brook Kerr plays Whitney Russell, the daughter of TC and Eve. Whitney, a champion tennis player gave up her father’s life-long ambition, tennis, to follow her heart with music and love, Chad Harris. Will Chad’s bitter betrayal lead Whitney straight into Fox’s arms?
Upon graduating from high school, Kerr moved to Los Angeles from Indianapolis to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. She was soon cast in guest starring roles on “City Guys,” “Saved by the Bell,” “Smart Guy” and “The Steve Harvey Show.”

Kerr is a sports enthusiast who keeps fit practicing ballet, volleyball, basketball, bowling and ballroom dancing. She resides in Los Angeles with her long-time partner, actor Chris Warren and their son, actor Christopher Warren, Jr. She was born on November 21