Brooke Anderson

Brooke Anderson


8/15/1981, Sydney,Australia

Birth Name

Brooke Paige Anderson



Also Known As

B. P. Anderson-- Brooke P. Anderson, B. P. Anderson---Brooke P. Anderson--- Mikey, Brooke 'Mikey' Anderson
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A leading regular role in television's Logie award winning series "E Street" (1989), a nomination for the prestigious Penguin Award for Best Performance by a Juvenile, and winner of the Variety Club Award for Most Outstanding Juvenile Actress. Brooke won international acclaim when she was just six years…more


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    • Brooke: (on how the script for Lost was delivered to her) It was slipped under my door at midnight. I live in a security building, so I have no idea how they even got in there!

    • Brooke: (on being offered a role on Lost) It was funny because I'd given up acting, and to suddenly step into a top-rating series was awesome. I'm proud to have it on my resume and, while I didn't watch the show before, I'm hooked now.

  • The Talk interview

    Very, Very disappointed in the way you ran down Brian Williams! Haven't you noticed they all have had their lies. Look at Fox News they lie all the time. A regular propaganda machine and you sounded just like they did. I don't see anyone calling them out and saying they should be fired. I have a lot of respect for Brian Williams and you had no right to do that!!
  • Brooke Anderson

    I don't care for Brooke at all... can't stomach her at all! She offends people during her interviews and is very annoying, not to mention fake beyond belief. I do however, like Nancy and Kevin is okay.