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  • The Talk interview

    Very, Very disappointed in the way you ran down Brian Williams! Haven't you noticed they all have had their lies. Look at Fox News they lie all the time. A regular propaganda machine and you sounded just like they did. I don't see anyone calling them out and saying they should be fired. I have a lot of respect for Brian Williams and you had no right to do that!!
  • Brooke Anderson

    I don't care for Brooke at all... can't stomach her at all! She offends people during her interviews and is very annoying, not to mention fake beyond belief. I do however, like Nancy and Kevin is okay.
  • Her gig at Entertainment Tonight

    Somebody at ET PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell Brooke to stop moving her hands & arms around while she talks. We can't watch anymore, we have changed the channel because of her!
  • Horrible Brooke

    Brooke Anderson was so fake with the Wayons Brother tonight on ET tonight 6-20-14. Her laugh was so annoying..... I think she needs to go!