Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns


10/28/1977, Dallas, Texas

Birth Name

Brooke Elizabeth Burns


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As a young girl in her native Dallas, Texas, Brooke Burns was groomed to be in the spotlight. She was a successful ballerina for 12 years until an unfortunate ski injury halted her dancing career. In reality, those years of discipline and training might have been good preparation…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • I met this person while filming Hole in the wall a new game show, she has such a wonderful spirit, she's full of life and a great person in and out. and beautiful... all I could do is just say, she's 1 of a kind and a people person!!!moreless

    Brooke is the Host for a new game show called "Hole in the wall", coming out in late August 2008. she's an amazing person.

    I got to talk to her for sometime and learn about some details in her personal life, she has a daughter and is raising her child as a single parent,

    I didn't realize how famous she is... until I went on and looked up Brooke Burns, Now I know who she is and where she came from, she's a wonderful person. I hope people will see how genuine and sincere she is on and off TV. In edition, she's going to make a great HOST!

    We love you Brooke! you go girlllll!!!!

    look me up on myspace!

    Marie Fodalemoreless
  • Brooke Burns is a very talented Texas-native..she\'s been on tv shows like North Shore and Baywatch (which both happen to take place in Hawaii)..she was also married to the talented Julian McMahon and is going to star on "Pepper Dennis" excited;i cantmoreless

    Brooke Burns doesnt get appraised enough for her great work..she would fit in well on \'The OC\' or \'Desperate Housewives\'..but she\'ll soon appear on \'Pepper Dennis\' (starring Rebecca Romijn) starting next year..maybe she\'ll get even more recognized..she\'ll have some competition on the show because her and Rebecca are talented actresses!