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Brooke Elliott

Brooke Elliott

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Elliott Brooke
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  • deanna

    Grayson Kent & Jane Bingum
  • A revelation.

    Brooke's turn as Jane Bingum and as Deb-in-the-body-of Jane Bingum -- her likely role for the run of "Drop Dead Diva" -- is utterly charming. As early as the pilot episode she so deeply inhabited and understood this role that she could easily have chosen to take on purely for laughs but managed to discover some depth as well. While her presentation is flawless, she's not afraid of taking some risks in really selling this story. Her joy, reveling in her Porsche contrasted with her despair of watching her hottie colleague make a play for Deb's fiance and her frustration within her own skin that I imagine everyone's felt from time to time came across so winningly I'm just rooting for this character all the way through. So talented, such a revelation, good luck through the run of the show and all future projects. Mwah! :Dmoreless