Brooke Miller

Brooke Miller


Keller, Texas

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Brooke Nicole Miller


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Brooke Miller was born in Keller, Texas and is best known as the beautiful and bubbly contestant on Cycle 7 of 'America's Next Top Model.' Prior to appearing in 'America's Next Top Model,' Brooke attended Keller High School but missed her prom and her graduation ceremony to compete…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Brooke was my favorite contestant on 'America's Next Top Model,' cycle 7.

    Brooke was my most favorite contestant on 'America's Next Top Model' to this day (with CariDee English (cycle 7 winner) coming in at a close second).

    Her bubbly personality made her such a joy to watch. When she did the "Celebrity Photoshoot" and she had to be Kevin Federline, that was so funny! She started acting like him, it was awesome. Her Britney Spears was dead on and she had to hold the python/boa (not sure which one) to boot. She did a great job on that photo.

    She was my pick to win 'America's Next Top Model' and I don't blame her for having a bad picture when she did the "Romance Novel" photo shoot. It was a really hard one. I'd have a hard time trying to make a model-esk picture while holding Fabio's giant leg too.

    She was one of the prettiest girls on cycle 7 and I was really sad when she was eliminated. It made it even worse when she was eliminated on the day of her graduation.

    None the less, I think she will make a wonderful model and I can only see great things for her in the future.moreless