Brooke Satchwell

Brooke Satchwell


11/14/1980, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Brooke Kerith Satchwell


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Brooke first appeared as a foot on a Clarke shoe advert and then in various other adverts. A year passed and Brooke became very interested in forensic psychology, in fact she spent most of the summer of 1996 in a morgue, but left to do the Neighbours auditions…more


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    • As the court case against Matt Newton beating Brooke got underway on January 29th, 2007, details were leaked to the media. Matt allegedly gouged at her face and eyes and repeatedly punched her in the head on two separate occasions, at one stage yelling: "I'm gonna kill you, you f***ing c***". The court documents also allege Matt spent time in a psychiatric facility attached to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. On June 12 2007, Matt was convicted of punching and pushing her and placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond after pleading guilty to common assault. After appealing the conviction in July 2007, a Sydney judge quashed the assault conviction against him.

    • After splitting with Matt Newton, Brooke pulled out of the bridal party for his sister, Lauren's, wedding to swimmer, Matt Walsh.

    • Police sought statements from make-up artists who worked with Brooke during the times Matt Newton allegedly beat her.

    • In January 2007, Matt Newton was charged with bashing Brooke, in a bitter break-up row. Matt spent 11 hours in custody after his arrest and faces four charges, including assault occasioning actual bodily harm. He has pleaded not guilty and will appear in a Sydney court on 17th January 2007. The offences allegedly occurred in 2006 at the couple's Sydney home after Brooke had ended their five-year relationship. Matt was initially refused bail after his arrest on October 16, 2006, because of concern over his "persistent violent offences".

    • Matt Newton has officially ended his five-year romance with Brooke and has begun dating another child of the Australian showbiz scene, Barry Otto's daughter Gracie. Matt has taken up residence at the Otto household since leaving the Balmian abode he and Brooke had shared for several years. It is understood the long-term relationship between Matt and Brooke ended on bad terms, with Brooke fleeing Sydney as soon as she had completed filming commitments on the drama series, Dangerous.

    • In 2006, Brooke featured as Felicity in the Network Ten British/Australian co-production, Tripping Over, alongside Rebecca Gibney, Lisa McCune and Daniel MacPherson; sung nursery rhymes on the long-running children's program Playschool; and filmed the eight-part drama series Dangerous.

    • In 2003, Brooke joined the fight against the mining that had destroyed all but one of Sydney's historic Kurnell sand dunes, which featured in many Australian films including Mad Max, Rats Of Tobrukand Phar Lap.
      The sand mining also caused huge craters in the area. An application has been lodged to extract and process about 4.5 million tonnes of sand over the next 10 to 20 years.

    • Brooke could still manage a laugh despite fluffing her lines when giving out an AFI gong in 2003. Her pre-speech mantra of "I will not stuff up, I will not stuff up" didn't prevent several of her blunders including "glass roots" instead of ABC-TV's series Grass Roots. But straight after, Brooke got a call on the mobile. She burst into laughter, with her parents cracking up with her down the phone.

    • Brooke was signed to act as Pantene's "brand ambassador" for 2004, making her the first Australasian to feature in the prestigious hair product campaign since Rachel Hunter in 1992.

    • Before Brooke became an actress, she had a part time job in 1996 in a morgue.

    • Brooke's mother is a school teacher.

    • Brooke once had a job doing voice overs for radio and television adverts.

    • In 2005, Brooke had a role in the theatre production of Vagina Monologues.

    • After leaving Neighbours, Brook performed in the theatre production, Francis Kiss.

    • Brooke's first brush with fame was as a foot model in a Clarke shoe advert.

    • Brooke once had a job being a 'reader' for casting agents.

    • Brooke has one sister, Cate.

    • In 2006, Brooke revealed that because acting roles were so few and far between for her in recent years she took up a job as a shop assistant to make ends meet.

    • In 2001, Brooke took part in Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens as part of a benefit to raise money for the Victorian Aids council on World Aids Day.

    • Within a few weeks of landing her role on Neighbours, Brooke contracted glandular fever.

    • Brooke is a volunteer for the RSPCA.

    • Before breaking into acting, Brooke initially had dreams of becoming a forensic psychologist.

    • In 1999, Brooke won the Favourite Teen Idol Award at the People's Choice Awards.

    • Brooke was awarded Best New Talent at the 1998 Logie Awards

    • Brooke and her sister attended private schools.

    • Brooke was born several weeks premature.

  • Quotes

    • Brooke: (urging people to speak out on domestic violence) I urge both men and women to speak out, seek help and shed light on the issues of domestic violence and abuse, remembering that this is a very serious issue which requires support and understanding for all involved.

    • Brooke: (on the trauma of her domestic violence trial involving Matt Newton) Many things defy comprehension until they are experienced. This has been an extremely difficult time in my life, from which I am endeavouring to heal and grow. Despite the pain and sadness I feel at the destruction of a loving relationship and moments yet to be enjoyed, I bear Matt no malice and am relieved he has recognised and addressed these unfortunate issues. I wish him only happiness and success.

    • Brooke: (on juggling roles in 2006) I have had some Playschool booked in for the time I have been on Dangerous, so I have been smashing parking meters by night and singing nursery rhymes during the day - it's been hectic. I have to make sure I do the right one in the right place! There is no magic trick (to juggling work). As soon as my head hits the pillow I am unconscious. I guess you just have to be careful what you wish for. One minute you can't pay the bills the next everything comes at once. But that's life.

    • Brooke: (on her role as 'Donna' in "Dangerous") It's been fantastic getting in the thick of things and that's exactly what she (Donna) does. The most challenging thing about playing her is that I have never personally entrenched myself in a gang and gone on ram-raids and stuff like that. So the biggest challenge has been to make sure it stays very grounded, very real, and that the reactions are what would happen in that situation. I want to make sure I do justice to that and the character.

    • Brooke: (on her period of being unemployed) I have been a bloody lucky actor. It helped me find the ground again, it was good. There was a year when things were quite lean and I had to branch out into voice-over work and selling clothes for family friends just to keep the wheels in motion. It was almost like I got an enforced break, which is probably a very healthy thing. I needed it.

    • Brooke: (on being unemployed after "White Collar Blue was axed) I had my first period of unemployment and I became an official actor. It was the first time in eight years I had been unemployed. Having had my first period of unemployment I had to start making choices of where my life was going because it wasn't being carried along by fate anymore.

    • Brooke: (on filming "Tripping Over" in the UK) I got to go and hang out there and tripped in once a week for my scenes. I had some time off to go and see my family for a week, then I'd come back, do a bit of acting, trundle off again and check out the shops! It was great.

    • Brooke: (admitting she's had some quiet times recently) I was sitting there with bills all around me, and I did have a moment where I thought, 'I've moved these around a billion times and nothing is changing. And then the phone rang and they said, 'You've got the job. You start on Dangerous tomorrow'. I was so excited.

    • Brooke: (on her new show, "Dangerous") It's so typical of my career - either feast or famine!. It's 'Incy Wincy Spider' one day and ramming myself through a convenience store window the next!

    • Brooke: I bought a book years ago that was about how to stop acting. I took it very literally, but it was a book to help you act. So, I do think of it, but I don't think I could do anything else. It clicks in me and works.

    • Brooke: The best thing about Neighbours was definitely the catering van - reason being, every meal was fully catered for with a grand selection of devilish foods. Each day had a different theme. e.g. Lunch may have a Mediterranean flavour, whilst dinner might be Mexican or perhaps a roast. Last but not least - la piece de resistance - every meal comes with dessert!

    • Brooke: (on filming overseas on "Tripping Over") I was so rapt. I got to do my first ever international scene. I made a complete idiot of myself because I had finished rolling and I was like 'oh my god that was my first international scene'. They all just looked at me.

    • Brooke: (on "Tripping Over") When I first read the scripts, I read all six at once and it was one of those experiences when you walk out of a movie or hear a piece of music, you just have this whole new perspective on the rest of the world. It taps into that thing you face growing up. You realise there aren't any hard and fast rules, as much as you are bought up with a structure as a child. Once you become responsible for yourself, your actions have repercussions and that's your responsibility.

    • Brooke: (on her period of unemployment) It was just after White Collar Blue finished and it was the first time since I was 15 that I hadn't been working and I came to this grinding halt after running at full tilt for eight years. A whole lot of growing up did smack into the back of my head like a few train carriages. I had this realisation that going from being an ordinary 15-year-old schoolkid, to being on the front of TV Week, that to stay in touch with my ordinary life I held myself back from a bit of growth to prove to people I hadn't changed.

    • Brooke: (on "Tripping Over") It's a very honest approach about life. When I first read the script, I questioned many things in my life. 'Where am I going? What do I want?' There are moments of resolve, moments which are triumphant and moments which are devastating as they are in life. But you can't tell what is going to happen in your life.
      Travelling has been an amazing experience in itself. But I'd like to think that I'm a good enough actor to get any role I go for, but it always comes down to whether of not I'm appropriate to play that role.

    • Brooke: Life for many Starlight children and their families is often difficult. I encourage everyone to make a donation because the smallest of donations makes the biggest difference.

    • Brooke: (on living in Sydney) I'm actually a lot more comfortable up here, I found it a little bit hard to start off with, I didn't want to admit that to myself at first. It was really foreign. When I used to come over here with "Neighbours," I used to meet up with friends and I swore I'd never live here and I swore that I'd never drive here, ever, and now I'm doing both.

    • Brooke: (on how she's changed since moving in with boyfriend Matt Newton) I've learned to cook and I knit now, which is a bit of a change. I stick up for myself a little bit more, I'm a bit clearer on what I want. I'm just learning how to hold my own more and function on my own.

    • Brooke: (on living with boyfriend Matt Newton) There is the inevitable debrief when we get home from our jobs each day, but we do try to keep our place as a safe haven from the pressures off work. Matthew is someone whose opinions I trust. He's an incredible actor and an inspiration. He's the perfect person to bounce ideas off.

    • Brooke: I think it makes a huge difference if people know you from TV rather than film. For instance, if Hugo Weaving walked down the street, a lot of people would see him as someone they thought they knew. They wouldn't be 100 per cent sure about him because he's seen only now and again, in films. When you're on TV, you're in people's lounge rooms on a constant basis and people act like they know you and think they can say whatever they like to you.

    • Brooke: (on bad reviews from her time on "Neighbours") I loved my time on Neighbours and would not trade the experience for anything, but some of the stuff I had to deal with away from work, well, I'm glad it's gone.
      The worst thing about it was when you'd be out somewhere and people would say the most horrid things about you. It would always come from people in your own peer group.
      Well, for example, someone said, 'Hey, look, there's that f . . . . . . dog from Neighbours'. I'd feel like going up and saying, 'Dude, I'm not deaf!' I just couldn't believe people would scream their lungs out with stuff like that. It would really affect me.

    • Brooke: (how she met boyfriend Matt Newton) He was shooting a short film and he asked me to be in it. So I met this incredibly amazing person and went, 'Oh my god!'

    • Brooke: (on the hard times of being an actor) I started on Neighbours at 15 and somehow, through just continuous strokes of good fortune, managed to move into job after job. Then I turned into a real actor and I was out of work. I was selling clothes for a family friend, I was literally doing anything to make ends meet for a while there. It got really grim for a while. It was probably a really beneficial thing that it happened, I think everybody needs a break, but it is also really hard when you have been moving at such a pace to stop. It made me quite hungry to act again.

    • Brooke: (on the eight-part drama "Dangerous") It is such a brilliant opportunity. She is a fabulous, strong female character who gets to do a whole swag of incredible things. How could I say no? And I have a pile of bills about as tall as 10 phone books.

    • Brooke: (on moving straight from "Neighbours" to Shakespeare) As I was finishing Neighbours I found out about The Tempest and I baulked at the idea and thought, 'Oh God, I don't think I'm ready for that, I don't think I can do it.' I went to Mum and said 'I can't do this. How am I going to wash my clothes? And where am I going to cook and where are they putting me up and how can I do this?' But I got up there and it was like nothing I expected, I met the most fantastic people and just lived this amazing life for about four months where I was living in the Gardens in this magical Tempest world and going to the pub every night. It was fantastic!

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    Brooke is a very talented actor, with a charmingly innocent personal manner, and a no nonsense work ethic.

    She can play the naive young woman or the tough **** equally well, and with conviction. Her experience ranges from comedy to drama, both in role and as herself.

    She is athletic and energetic, with skills in dance, particularly balet and horse riding.

    She is young, slim, full figured and stunningly beautiful.


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