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  • Talented, smart, beautiful, Inside out!

    Really Brooke Shields is one of the all time greats. And that she is really grown from a child star. To an all-time beautiful woman. And that I applaud her for not just her professional but her personal life. Trying to stick up after the Tom Cruise spat. And that she proves that she can hold her own. Did you know that she graduated magna cum laude from the Yale University. And that also she battled post-partum depression after the birth of her first child. Now she is getting ready to star in the tv show "Lipstick Jungle" and hope that it is much better than "Suddenly Susan" her nineties sitcom was.
  • She is original. An amazing.

    Unfortunately the classifications I would want to have for Brooke Shields is not there. I give major props to her. I have depression, not post partum depression but depression so some of the emotions she felt are the same with basically any depression and I know somewhat what she was going through. I didn't become a fan of her's until after reading her book titled Down Came The Rain: My Journey Through Post Partum Depression. She is an amazing, brave, and couragous person. She knew she had to write that book. In writing that book she brought the awareness, because of the war that was sparked. (Refuse to say that persons name since I have so much hatred to them). Well Brooke is an amazing person.