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    • Brooke is a big fan of John Mese's "Flippy & Toadpole" series of children's books. The two worked together on the made-for-TV movie Gone But Not Forgotten in 2004 after Brooke had just had her first child. She and daughter loves the books so much, she even provided a testimonial for the Flippy and Toadpole web site.

      Brooke: They're the only books my daughter makes me put in her crib when she goes to sleep. She won't go to sleep without one of them... Her little blanket and her little Flippy books. She just loves them.

      Also, when Brooke appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" to discuss her battle with postpartum depression, the interview included video segments of she and her daughter. In one segment, you can see her daughter walking down the stairs holding the "Flippy & Toadpole" book and in another you can see Brooke reading the book to her.