Brooke Thompson

Brooke Thompson


1/19/1980, Los Angeles

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Brooke Thompson first became famous when she starred on the Vh1 reality show "Flavor of Love". On this show, she becomes popular when her and New York started to got at it. When she was about to get kicked off, she spat in New York's face resulting in…more


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  • AT first I thought she was pretty cool, but now I do think she is the wh0re of charm school!

    Brooke got expelled from Flavor of Love by spiting of the hatted New York. But that only got her to Charm School, which I thought she was doing so well on! Throughout the challenges she was doing a great job, but the moment she was with men, she was worse then Paris Hilton at a Frat party. Then she had the nerve to swear at a former friend for not picking her as the best, even though she was asking guys sexual questions. Then she got mad at Mo'nigue because Mo told her the ugly truth about her. So I'm glad that Pumpkin got expelled!moreless
  • Brooke aka Pumkin definitely needs a show.

    I think Brooke is a pretty good actress. On Flavor of Love, she was funny because she was like the "white girl" and was taught how to act black by some of the other girls. She is also known for one of the greatest moments in reality television: spitting on New York. That was so funny. Thank god we have people like Brooke to give us that kind of entertainment. She apparently loves being on TV because of all the reality shows she's been in. And in 2007, she's going to be on the spin-off of Flavor of Love called "Charm School". That'll be fun to watch her in.moreless