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    • Brooke: My family has been such a huge part for me in getting this far musically. I grew up in a family where we just adore music, we didn't really watch a lot of TV, we listened to music. We had a record player where we would listen to a lot of records, we had an old jukebox in our backyard, it was really old, we used to listen to that and jump on the trampoline. I think my parents just exposed me to so many kinds of music, primarily like '70s like singer-song-writer, just amazing songs, that was the stuff I grew up on and they just never discouraged me from pursuing it, from trying it. My dad since I was young would always tell me I had a nice voice, but not until I was a teenager did I start to sing, but they've never tried to stop me, if anything it's been the contrary, anytime I said I wanted to do something else they were like, "Well, are you sure you don't wanna do more musically?" And I'm really fortunate that way you know.