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    • Bruce: I think every leading man wants to be a character actor, and every character actor wants to be a leading man.

    • Bruce: Everybody always wants to do the opposite of what they've been doing, but they've never allowed me to be the bad guy.

    • Bruce: Babylon 5 is one of the few shows where we really have a great group of people and there are very few prima donnas.

    • Bruce: As a boy, I didn't need a lot of playmates to have a good time.

    • Bruce: An actor's job is to use his imagination and that's what's required with blue screen.

    • Bruce: A show needs time to find an audience, and they're very quick to pull them off the air now.

    • Bruce: I wouldn't change one thing about my life. Besides,even though she is quite a tomboy, my wife is a very girly woman!

    • Bruce: If i happen upon something I am in, I like to watch. It brings back lots of memories. I especially like to watch my kids watch my work from way back when!

    • Bruce: I leave the writing to the writers. I am comfortable writing my novels but would never consider writing a screenplay.

    • Bruce: I don't give much thought to love scenes one way or another. I can say that now that I'm a bit older, I'm really not interested in showing much skin!

    • Bruce: (On having his wife guest star on Babylon 5) I always love working with my. Having her play Anna was a terrific idea and was great for us because it was her first job after giving birth to our son, Michael. He was on the set with us, so I got to see him at work as well as at home.

    • Bruce: I've remained very active in science fiction through Babylon 5, which, to me, I called 'The Son of Tron' because the computer effects were all influenced by Tron. Everybody that made Babylon 5 was influenced by Tron, which was a strange effect.

    • Bruce: (On making the movie Tron) Of course as actors we never saw any of it until the first screening. I remember going 'Wow!' We had some picture that Steven had made and some models; so we had an approximate idea as to what the world was gonna look like.