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  • One of the finest actors of our generation, Mr. Campbell brings a wit and charm to his projects that few can copy. Few of the many projects he has done have not prospered and been better for his involvement.

    From playing Ash, to Brisco County Jr, to Sam Axe, Bruce Campbell brings a flair and professionalism as well as a tremendous amount of charisma to whatever roles he takes on. As a contemporary of Mr. Campbell's I have been blessed to see the majority of his work when it actually occurred. Like a few other actors of our days rarely does a project come out including him that his fans would dare to miss. He brings so much to the table as far as insight and experience.

    I was lucky enough to sit in on a Burn Notice chat with him and Sharon Gless. He was as charming then as he seems to come across on the small and big screens.

    Following the success of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead which became a cult classic, Bruce starred in Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, sequels to the original. Besides his many film roles Bruce has been able to be involved in some unusual and exciting TV projects such as The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., Jack of all Trades, and of course the current hit Burn Notice. Mr Campbell also wrote a New York Times bestseller If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor. Look for him in the upcoming Spiderman 4 sequel as a major character. Of course Sam Raimi has been responsible for those movies and he has put Bruce in the earlier ones in small roles. He of course will bring much to this project and I look forward to it.

    Mr. Campbell has been married twice and has two children with his first wife Christine Deveau (1983-1989) and is currently married to Ida Gearon since 1991.

    Even Bruce makes fun of his "B" list movie nomenclature as per the title of his book. Though he has lived on the periphery of the main Hollywood world, Bruce Campbell is an "A" list actor in my book and one of my favorite actors ever. Thanks for reading...
  • Bruce Campbell....

    There are many reasons I like Bruce Campbell. 1 I like his acting 2 I think he is good looking 3 his movies are funny. I know people say that Bruce is not a good actor but if you look at all his roles he plays very different people and each time he is believable as a different person. Ok yes I do think Bruce is very good looking well at least back in the day. Now a days he is still good looking but he just doesn't look like he use to. YES I do love Bruce Campbell movies and yes I have to say that I laugh at them. Well I didn't laugh at The Evil Dead but I still loved it. I was first introduced to Bruce in Army of Darkness when I was about 10 or so. Well I liked the movie and thought it was funny. The second time I encountered him was on The Evil Dead. I have to say then and there I fell for the man and have tried to buy or at least see his movies. Bruce Campbell is a great actor and I love him for that.
  • Very talented, and fantastic author. First learned to love this actor in the Evil Dead movies, and continued in Bubba Ho-tep. Love him in Burn Notice. Glad to see his range being tested/used. A++ actor. Needs an Oscar!

    Very talented, and fantastic author. First learned to love this actor in the Evil Dead movies, and continued in Bubba Ho-tep. Love him in Burn Notice. Glad to see his range being tested/used. A++ actor. Needs an Oscar and further recognition from his peers, he has it from this fan.

    I look forward to his continued television and movie career. Also looking forward to the next Ho-tep movie (apparently in lost somewhere in post production!)

    I am also a fan of this actor due to his hailing from Michigan, which is also my home state. Good to see the someone else take off from this state that churns out such memorable people as Director Moore, Musician Madonna, etc. Michigan seems to promote the strange, unusual and kooky, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. It makes this Michigander proud!
  • Brilliant

    Bruce Campbell plays the role of Sam in the show Burn Notice. Burn Notice is now in its second season and I personally can not get enough of it, its just brilliant.

    Although Bruce doesnt play the lead role in this show, he is still an important character in the story and appears in each and every episode (well, to my memory anyway).

    He has quite an interesting character and is probably a co star to the show. He definately adds alot of humour to the show, moreso than any other character, but also takes part in alot of the action.

    10 out of 10!
  • Hail to the King!

    I'm almost sure that this is the only 10.0 review I will ever give anyone. If you know who Bruce is, you almost certainly know him from Evil Dead II,Army of Darkness of the TV series 'The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. In the Evil Dead trilogy, he plays the character Ash (one of the greatest characters ever invented).

    I understand that not everyone will 'get Bruce'; but he has a rabid and dedicated fan base regardless of any major breakthrough roles.

    I became a fan of Bruce after seeing Army of Darkness; which features many classic scenes and the hilarious return of Ash.

    When you're a die hard fan of Bruce, it somehow compels you to seek out every TV show or movie that he had a part in just to watch his performance.

    And I have yet to be disappointed by any of his performances (only by the script of the movie). Also in more than a few of his roles, Bruce ends up being killed for some reson!

    He has a very warm and open personality, a great sense of humour, is very charismatic, and is a larger than life person (to me anyway).

    Army of Darkness is still one of my all-time favourite movies; and I can watch it anytime,anywhere.
  • empty

    One of my all-time favorite actors. He is excellent in every one of his roles. He also has the best facial expressions.
  • A great ham of an actor. Bruce is a blast to watch.

    You got to love Bruce Campbel. He always gives his all and it is always rememberable. His shows and movies are fun if not out right good. Brisco County, Jack of all Trades, the Evil Dead, Hercules, Xena, and numerous others have all benifited from his involvement. I look forward to his projects and can't wait to watch what he does next.
  • Bruce Campbell a unique style of actor who you can not label or put in a box. But always entertaining.

    What do you say about this actor without being all over the board. A straight guy with humor and dry wit. A cult favorite for the B movie fans. An actor out of time from 50s westerns to 60s sitcoms that is Bruce's style. Known for b movies which are never dull and you always remember when you've watched them. One of my favorite westerns Brisco County Jr which had a studded cast but the lead man was the hero. The coming thing the theme of Brisco. Just all around fun to watch. And don't forget Comet. Another Bruce Campbell blue light special Jack of All Trades. Goofy tv with Bruce Campbell is like a normal entertaining 30 to 60 minutes. His movies are good too. Terminal invasion another classic b movie which is entertaining scifi. With the backing of cult status from the worshipping fans of The Evil Dead Bruce will bring us more in the coming future of his unique and gifted style.
  • One word springs to mind....Groovy!

    I'm a big fan of Bruce Campbell. Not that I think his been on many good TV shows, but rather more for some of the movies his appeared in. He was great in such movies as the Evil Dead triogy and Bubba-Ho-Tep. He may not be the worlds most well known actor but he has built up quite a sizible cult fan base, particularly with horror fans. I know he has had had multiple appearences in stuff like Zena and Hercules....infact I think he played the same character in both of those....but I'm hardly and expert on that show. Let's just hope he gets more work in the future.
  • Bruce Campbell is a very underated actor who should have at least had his own show! One of my personal favourites!

    Bruce Campbell is a very underated actor who should have at least had his own show! He is one of my personal favourites because of his great acting abality! No matter what the role, he plays it great. He dose tend to get type cast due to his natural sarcasum which he showed us all in the Evil Dead series! While his acting can appear "hammy" i think that's just his style, his personality. I loved him in Xena Warrior Princess, Hercules Ledendary Journies and The New Adventures Of Superman and of course the Evil Dead series. His book is a good read for anyone who wants to know about him and even a good read for someone who just wants a good laugh! While I'm not too fond of his decision not to sign autographs anymore I can see his point when he says why should his autograph be worth a red cent more that yours! He got sick of autograph dealers selling it... It's a shame for True fans who are lucky enough to bump into him though, fans who would treasure it, Not Sell It!
  • Hail to the king baby

    This guy is great in all his roles. If he is in a bad movie, I always hear the reviews this movie was bad, except Bruce Campbell. He raises the standards of any movie he is in whether it just be for 5 seconds (The spiderman movies) Or whether he be the star (Evil Dead trilogy). Bruce has had great filmography and T.V life. I don't care that he was put in some fairly bad movies, I would buy them on DVD just because Bruce Campbell is in them. His kick a$$ attitude in all his is great. Plus as he said in an interview, he was to only one who defeated spiderman. Not literally of course, but he was the Usher that wouldn't allow spiderman into the play. He is also a acting coach and sort of mentor to Tobey McGuire. If there is a movie or show with Bruce Campbell in it I would watch it, no matter how bad the movie is because Bruce Campbells performance will always leave an impression. Great Guy.