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  • Bruce Campbell....

    There are many reasons I like Bruce Campbell. 1 I like his acting 2 I think he is good looking 3 his movies are funny. I know people say that Bruce is not a good actor but if you look at all his roles he plays very different people and each time he is believable as a different person. Ok yes I do think Bruce is very good looking well at least back in the day. Now a days he is still good looking but he just doesn't look like he use to. YES I do love Bruce Campbell movies and yes I have to say that I laugh at them. Well I didn't laugh at The Evil Dead but I still loved it. I was first introduced to Bruce in Army of Darkness when I was about 10 or so. Well I liked the movie and thought it was funny. The second time I encountered him was on The Evil Dead. I have to say then and there I fell for the man and have tried to buy or at least see his movies. Bruce Campbell is a great actor and I love him for that.