Bruce Forsyth

Bruce Forsyth


2/22/1928, London, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson


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Bruce is a seasoned entertainer, having spent more than sixty years in front of the camera. Bruce began his showbiz career when he was just fourteen, appearing on the show Come and Be Televised. Bruce is an alrounder at entertaining and has presented many family shows over the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • The person that wrote \'talentness\' really shows their ignorance.

    The person that wrote \'talentness\' really shows their ignorance. Bruce is one of the most talented performers on tv and theatre. He can tap dance, sing, do comedy, compere and much more. I have throughly enjoyed him throughout my life and hope that he continues for many a year to come. Btw his tv programme on the history of dance was fantastic
  • Does anyone else think that he should be retired?

    I really can't stand Bruce Forsyth ant more. He used to be ok at Price is right or play your cards right but on Strictly Come Dancing he really gets on my nerves! Especially the latest series he has become a real pain. He should quit while he is ahead and leave the show while he still has some dignity left