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  • A fine actor who always had me paying attention.

    A long time player in the acting game, Bruce absolutely shined in "The Untouchables" with his stint as the "enforcer" Frank Nitti. Even as that series wound down a bit after the backlash against the violence and its portrayal of Italian-Americans, the more infrequent appearances of Gordon stood out. With the look and delivery, Nitti was both menacing and sometimes hilariously sarcastic in his range and timing, making him one of my favorite TV characters of all time. From "The Empty Chair" to "Globe of Death", I'll sit up in my seat whenever Nitti is "plenty sore". I don't think there is a villain I love as much in his unsubtlety, in many ways, an exact opposite of other classic characters like Wo Fat. I wish Bruce Gorden well and am glad he has had a long life.