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Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones


1/24/1953, Collyhurst, Manchester, England, UK

Birth Name

Ian Roy Jones


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  • To sum up this guy, well, he played a character that represented a large part of the population, that's why so many could identify with Les, A great method actor who wasn't really known for all the other films he has made Google him and may be surprisedmoreless

    Bruce Jones(Ian) has been a personal friend of mine for Ni on twenty nine years now, and in my opinion has the potential to become a great movie star, What!! you might roar, but this x plumber/Fireman from a hard part of town is one of this 21st century's best method actors to come out of the UK, here is a man that came from a back ground of poverty and street fights of the 50s and 60s in a small part of Manchester named colehurst, from being a lad he always spent his weekends at Granada studios peering though any hole trying to get a glimpse of any outside filming of his favorite show (Coronation Street)all the while muttering to himself "I will get on that show one day just wait and see I'll show umm" ( and he did) he got into drama class's and from there went from audition to audition before getting his big break A classic Movie entitled "Raining Stones" and what a handsome lad he was in that, with his long full head of hair, hard to believe but with his manly looks he attracted women like flies, and the odd guy too, from there he never looked back his next movie "24/7" was just as good, after a stint in the theater he got a part in the classic movie " The Full Monty" in 1996/97 the street were casting for a new family to liven up the cobbles and on the look out around all the local casting agencies for a rugged actor to play an unemployed beer swilling loud mouthed layabout to head the family from hell, but without success until I put his name forward as a potential candidate, I remember him turning up for the call back audition, and made it my business not to say that I had set up the first audition I stole a climes of him in his lime colored suit shaking with nerves on his way in for his 3rd call, knowing full well he had bagged the part I slipped over to the casts then watering private club called "the old school House" now a hotel, and had a pint of his favorite tipple Guinness lined up on the bar, in he walked as predicted, looking like a bag of spanners, I said whats wrong mate his reply was " I think I bloo it" "No Kid the parts yours I said" "Don't be daft he said how would you know" cos I sent them your Portfolio"and the rest is history for the next 11 years he was the nations favorite lay about, every where we went together on Job's he was mobbed by the very people that could identify with "LES" I was hosting charity shows and introducing big stars to raise funds for a very sick little girl call Charlot Speedy Ian( Bruce Jones) also worked tirelessly for her charity, we traveled from city to city every week end for over 12 months to get the funding this lovely little child needed, there is a very passive and kind side to Bruce that the press never seem to focus on, it may seem that Bruce left the cobbles of the most famous soap in history by the back door but nothing could be further from the truth he felt that he was some how turning into this character call "LES" and thought now is the time to call it a day wise move don't you think? if not why don't you all organise a rally in town to bring back LES????

    Ryan Dior

    Actor/ Writer/Entertainer