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  • From comedic actor to record producer, novelist and playwright.

    It has been more than 10 years since Bruce Kimmel has given up acting to turn his attention towards record producing. He focused mostly on musicals, the composers and the singers. He produced several albums in the Unsung series that focused on musicals that had short runs and were never commercially recorded. These albums would have one song or several from them. He also did an Unsung Sondheim (which then had many premiere recordings of Sondheim songs) and Unsung Irving Berlin a 2cd release of many songs that were packed away in his trunk. He also had the Lost in Boston series that featured songs that were cut fron musicals before they were released. He also recorded many Broadway stars giving them their first solo recordings. Like Liz Callaway, Judy Kuhn, Jason Graae, Brent Barrett, Paige O\'Hara and many others. He also record many Off-Broadway musicals that the major labels wouldn\'t.

    His contribution to the recording and preservation of the musical, songs, composers and the singers has gone unheralded.