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  • RIP Martial Arts God.

    This is the person who helped improve the rep of martial arts! This guy served as an foundation! If I could give this guy a gold statue, then I would. I like his moves in those movies! He's fantastic! FIST OF FURY FTW, and also Bruce Lee. This guy is one of the legends of the entire human race. PERIOD.
  • Bruce lee, the man, the myth, the legend, the god.


    What can be said about Bruce Lee, he is completely timeless and easily the most influential martial artist ever. I won't go on about his life and accomplishments as there is plenty of information out there already. I reluctantly watched fist of fury in 1983 when I was 8 and instantly became hooked. My parents hired movies out every Saturday night and they would always let me choose one.I drove my dad insane for about 6 years as I would always get a Bruce movie. In 1983 there wasn't a VCR in every room so all too often I would see my father's face contort into the strangest shapes of frustration as he walked into the sitting room to hear "Waassaaa!" for the 46th time. All Bruce's films had a grittiness to them that was lacking in martial arts movies of the time. The realism was fantastic, no flying through the air, no balancing on branches, no catching arrows in the teeth (not that these films aren't also enjoyable), just raw brutal choreography which has yet to be beaten. Check out any movie fight scene from any other movie from the same era and laugh at how pathetic they look in comparison.

  • Bruce Lee is a legend, No Question about it.

    Bruce Lee is a legend, No Question about it, Hes my personal hero in this world and ive never ever seen someone as multitalented.
    Not only is he the man who can kick EVERYONE's butt, Hes also a good actor and one of the most charismatic people ive ever known to exist.
    Growing up in china he often found himself getting in trouble, He took up martial arts after he got beat up in a streetfight, After that he was the one beating the rest up.
    However being involved in gangs and getting in alot of fights wich was illegal in China at that time his family decided it would be best to send him to America, There he arrived with nothing but a 100 bucks in his pocket, He tried to take up acting but because of the racism in that time period it didnt work out all that well and he later went back to china where he became a huge star, Then back to america where he got the part in the popular Enter The Dragon, He became huge but tragically he didnt get the time to become as huge as he could.
    While filming what was going to be his "Masterpiece" Game of Death, He was found dead one day at the age of 33, Reason of death being uncertain, From here its hard to seperate fact from rumour, Rumours such as him being killed by triads started to circulate, But most commonly accepted is that he died of Cerebral Edema caused by an allergic reaction to drugs.

    However his family believes his death was NOT accidental.
  • awesome martial artist

    im into kenpo karate and i know you did not have a particualr style but i really like what you did you were so cool about everything and you were really one of the fastest human beings that i have ever seen, it sucks that you died i just finished watching enter the dragon and it was freakin sweet seriously. you are a legend in martial arts dude, i love that movie, especially the hall of mirors that was so cool i seriously was confused thought still man u are awesome and i have alot of respect, well peace dawgs, juanito, Proud member of the BUN association
  • Martial arts legend.

    Lee's parents were opera stars and this gave him a grounding in the performing arts. Along with the skills of comic acting and singing, he studied kung fu. In time he would develop his own system, jeet kune do, based on the older art but using his unique modifications to suit it for real street fights.

    Lee's stint on tv was short-lived, but the film world offered far better prospects. The agile and wiry actor fit perfectly the role of martial arts film hero. This was at a time when action scripts were not just fight fests; they also gave the characters something to say, using wits and heart as the primary modes of life, with physical power as a last resort.

    His time with us was cut short by his passing in 1973, after a fluke reaction to the medication Equagesic. Countless thousands turned out to pay respects at his funeral.

    Millions around the world still love his films and his martial arts style.

    Bruce Lee gave much to the world and is much missed.
  • One of the most extraordinary human beings to live.

    Bruce Lee was not just an actor but a philosopher, a teacher and in my opinion an excellent role model. He had many wise words to share and his attitude toward discrimination in the world (particularly in the 1960's) paved the way for us to follow. He was a man that had zero tolerance toward politics of any kind. In a sense he didn't believe in a general set of fixed rules for something. His philosophy came up with a truth once that the world and martial arts are constantly changing and we have to adjust ourselves to that.

    Born in the United States of America, his parents had a feeling that he would return and incidentally by the late 1950's he did. He grew up in Hong Kong and after the threats of world war II ended, he grew up near the tough streets of Hong Kong. In his teenage years he was know to be somewhat of a rebel and was in many fights. This lead to his return to the United States by the end of the 1950's.

    Here he made a huge name for himself to teaching martial arts and enrolling in philosophy at college. He met and married a cheerleader, Linda Lee Cadwell, his second half. Bruce wanted to get into film and so made his appearance in the Green Hornet, and wanting to break into Hollywood later starred in Enter the Dragon. One of my favourite films. Bruce Lee is deffinetly an inspiration and an good influence.

    Rest in peace Bruce Lee, you are remembered.
  • bruce consider a legend and a god of amoung marital artist

    bruce lee the greatest martial artiest in history. and made so many movies and did alot for his people. and made training areas and had his own place for training people fought alot of people in movies and out of the movies. even though he is gone alot of people still like to watch bruce lee movies and he is jumping and kicking people and punching people that sorta makes me want to get up and starting doing that even though i know i cant he was one of those kind of people that you would be memerized just watching him on screen.