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  • Bruce Lee is a legend, No Question about it.

    Bruce Lee is a legend, No Question about it, Hes my personal hero in this world and ive never ever seen someone as multitalented.
    Not only is he the man who can kick EVERYONE's butt, Hes also a good actor and one of the most charismatic people ive ever known to exist.
    Growing up in china he often found himself getting in trouble, He took up martial arts after he got beat up in a streetfight, After that he was the one beating the rest up.
    However being involved in gangs and getting in alot of fights wich was illegal in China at that time his family decided it would be best to send him to America, There he arrived with nothing but a 100 bucks in his pocket, He tried to take up acting but because of the racism in that time period it didnt work out all that well and he later went back to china where he became a huge star, Then back to america where he got the part in the popular Enter The Dragon, He became huge but tragically he didnt get the time to become as huge as he could.
    While filming what was going to be his "Masterpiece" Game of Death, He was found dead one day at the age of 33, Reason of death being uncertain, From here its hard to seperate fact from rumour, Rumours such as him being killed by triads started to circulate, But most commonly accepted is that he died of Cerebral Edema caused by an allergic reaction to drugs.

    However his family believes his death was NOT accidental.