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  • Bruce lee, the man, the myth, the legend, the god.


    What can be said about Bruce Lee, he is completely timeless and easily the most influential martial artist ever. I won't go on about his life and accomplishments as there is plenty of information out there already. I reluctantly watched fist of fury in 1983 when I was 8 and instantly became hooked. My parents hired movies out every Saturday night and they would always let me choose one.I drove my dad insane for about 6 years as I would always get a Bruce movie. In 1983 there wasn't a VCR in every room so all too often I would see my father's face contort into the strangest shapes of frustration as he walked into the sitting room to hear "Waassaaa!" for the 46th time. All Bruce's films had a grittiness to them that was lacking in martial arts movies of the time. The realism was fantastic, no flying through the air, no balancing on branches, no catching arrows in the teeth (not that these films aren't also enjoyable), just raw brutal choreography which has yet to be beaten. Check out any movie fight scene from any other movie from the same era and laugh at how pathetic they look in comparison.