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  • One of the most extraordinary human beings to live.

    Bruce Lee was not just an actor but a philosopher, a teacher and in my opinion an excellent role model. He had many wise words to share and his attitude toward discrimination in the world (particularly in the 1960's) paved the way for us to follow. He was a man that had zero tolerance toward politics of any kind. In a sense he didn't believe in a general set of fixed rules for something. His philosophy came up with a truth once that the world and martial arts are constantly changing and we have to adjust ourselves to that.

    Born in the United States of America, his parents had a feeling that he would return and incidentally by the late 1950's he did. He grew up in Hong Kong and after the threats of world war II ended, he grew up near the tough streets of Hong Kong. In his teenage years he was know to be somewhat of a rebel and was in many fights. This lead to his return to the United States by the end of the 1950's.

    Here he made a huge name for himself to teaching martial arts and enrolling in philosophy at college. He met and married a cheerleader, Linda Lee Cadwell, his second half. Bruce wanted to get into film and so made his appearance in the Green Hornet, and wanting to break into Hollywood later starred in Enter the Dragon. One of my favourite films. Bruce Lee is deffinetly an inspiration and an good influence.

    Rest in peace Bruce Lee, you are remembered.