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    • Bruce's hand assaults against rival Bob Wall in Enter The Dragon were so fast during initial filming that the camera speed had to be increased in order to successfully see them on the screen.

    • Bruce Lee's first Hong Kong produced feature film The Big Boss was a massive hit and out-grossed The Sound Of Music, taking in more than $3.5 million in it's first three weeks of release.

    • Lee studied with different masters of classical martial arts forms, but became dissatisfied with them. He took the best of all of those arts, combined his own ideas and created his own style called Jun Fan Gung Fu, a modification of Wing Chun combined with western boxing and fencing. This would later lead to his own refined school of the martial arts: Jeet Kune Do.

    • Bruce received his high school diploma from Edison Technical School in Seattle, Washington.

    • Though his martial arts philosophy was controversial, Lee is widely considered to be the greatest martial arts film actor of the 20th century.

    • Short in stature but not in ability, Bruce was just 5' 7½" tall.

    • Bruce had two sisters and two brothers.

    • Bruce was a Philosophy major at the University of Washington.

    • One of Bruce's legs was almost a whole inch longer than the other, causing pain from the misalignment of his spine, which he had to overcome through weight training and conditioning.

    • Growing up, Bruce was very near-sighted, and wore thick lensed glasses. Only after his acting career took off did he switch to contact lenses.

    • Lee's first fame came as a child star in many Hong Kong movies. He was six years old when he did his first film The Orphan.

    • Bruce had begun work on his own production of Game Of Death and had shot about 10 minutes of fight scenes for the movie, when he left for Hong Kong to start work on his most major film yet Enter The Dragon. Lee died before resuming work on Game Of Death but that didn't stop the studio from making a movie out of those ten minutes plus added footage featuring helmeted standins and two look-a-likes.

    • In the film Tang Shan Da Xiong, a brutal fight scene, which had Bruce slicing a man's head open with a saw, had to be edited to avoid an X rating.

    • In his promotionals and demonstrations, Bruce never did the standard martial art stunts like breaking boards, which he felt had nothing to do with what the martial arts are really about.

    • Bruce weighed only 128 pounds at the time of his death, due in part to the extreme workout routine he had created for himself.

    • Bruce was an accomplished dancer and a Hong Kong Cha Cha champion.

    • Bruce suffered a serious back injury while weight training, attempting a heavy dead lift. He used his recuperation time to write several books on his views and ideas about the martial arts.

    • Bruce Lee was voted one of the Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time according to the UK's Empire Magazine.

    • The Bosnian city of Mostar erected a bronze statue in honor of Lee November 26, 2005.

    • It was Bruce Lee who gave Chuck Norris his break in the film Way Of The Dragon.

    • A theme park based on the life of Bruce Lee, complete with a statue and memorial hall, will be constructed at the action star's southern ancestral home of Shunde, China.

    • He starred in The Birth of Mankind (1946).

    • He starred in Qian wan ren jia (1953).

    • Bruce Lee was uncredited for the movie Qi lin zhang (1972).

    • A bronze statue of Bruce Lee was unveiled in Hong Kong to mark his 65th birthday. Special guests included his brother Robert Lee.

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