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  • The Best in animation

    Bruce timm has got to be the clodest thing I have to a hero besides richard dean anderson. He is the genius that brought us batman the animated series and superman TAS batman beyond justice league justice league unlimited. I still think that the teen titans show should have been done in his animation. He should also make a Nightwing animated series now that would be cool. I guess he worked on the masters of the universe in the 80s but I dont know much about that because I wasnt born then. Hopefully Bruce Timm is not done with his animation I heard they are coming out with a justice league movie some time soon so that will be cool. But all in all bruce timm is really cool. Later...
  • He made the DCAU, which is comming to an end, why not make a series about his cartoons and stuff...

    Bruce Timm is a great artist.

    He is one of the many men behind the great DCAU which is slowly dieng each day.

    Bruce Timm has created his own artsyle that is known to many, many people who watch those cartoons and they say, That's Bruce Timm's design.

    Bruce Timm is a great writer as well. He has written some of the good episodes of JL along with his buddies Dwayne, Paul and many others.

    Bruce Timm is a great man who is known out around the world for his work with shows like Batman, Superman, and Justice League and a bunch of others.

    So the DCAU is dieing, Bruce Timm's artwork and unique style of animation will last forever.