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  • Trivia

    • In October of 1999, Bruce Timm drew the panels and pictures for Marvel Comics Avengers #1 1/2 (Set between the first two issues of Avengers). To insure it felt like an early issue of Avengers, Timm made sure the characters looked exactly like they were drawn by Jack Kirby.

    • The only character in Batman: The Animated Series that Timm did not design was Mr. Freeze, who was designed by Mike Mignola.

    • He has stated his love for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, created by Joss Whedon, on several commentaries for Justice League.

    • He joined Warner Bros. in 1989.

    • He said that Superman was originally supposed to have a unique opening sequence similar to the one from Batman, but the animation team ran out of time to finish it before having to put the show on the air, so a montage of Superman performing heroic acts was put together from clips from the series episodes. Part of the abandoned opening sequence can be seen in the montage, when Superman is flying over Metropolis at night.

    • He said that when doing the Superman series from 1996, he and the other artists and writers felt compelled to do as many larger than life images and stories as possible, in stark contrast to the Batman series from 1992, in which they felt obligated to try to keep the stories fairly realistic and believable.

    • He praised Kevin Conroy, who has been providing the voice of "Batman/Bruce Wayne" since Batman, as being a driving factor in the success of the original series.

    • Timm won the Eisner award two years in a row, the first for Mad Love, the second for The Batman Adventures: Holiday Special.

    • Harley Quinn was brought to life by Timm's style.

    • He and Paul Dini won the Eisner Award for Best Single Story for Batman Adventures: Mad Love.

    • As for his comic career, he was involved with Batman Adventures and also worked on Avengers and Vampirella.

    • Bruce's cameos include the episode of Batman: The Animated Series, "Beware the Gray Ghost", where he plays the toy shop owner. Also, he plays the leader of the Jokerz gang in Batman Beyond.

    • Instead of Batman Beyond, the crew almost did a Jr Justice League show with Aquaman Jr, Superman Jr, etc.

    • Bruce said one of the ideas pitched to him before they did Batman Beyond was a Smallville-like spin on Bruce Wayne in the DCAU, where Bruce was on adventures learning to be Batman, but he said he wouldn't do it because it was only Bruce Wayne, not Batman.

    • Bruce said that the crew was never told when new episodes of JLU are going to be picked up until the final episodes of the season air in the U.S.

    • He was the executive producer of Teen Titans for a limited time.

    • Bruce said that there would be no crossover with Teen Titans but Michael Rosenbuam plays Kid Flash and there is a Kid Flash costume in the Flash Museum on the episode of Justice League Unlimited titled "Flash and Substance". Also, Speedy made an appearance in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Patriot Act".

    • According to Bruce, the JLU crew approaches each season like it is their last.

    • According to Bruce, the original pilot of Justice League featured some younger members of the team which were to be included because kids it would be a kids show. Several of the actual characters that became members on the show were also included in the pilot. The younger characters were Impulse, Robin and a robotic female character created for the show. Bruce managed to get the show approved over the phone so the pilot never had to be shown to the network. It is now included in the Justice League Season 1 DVD.

    • Bruce Timm is the lead character designer for all of his shows.

    • Bruce worked on the Superman Direct to Video movie "Brainiac Attack". It was the first for Superman: The Animated Series.

    • Bruce Timm is also working on a DTV based on the Justice League series. He has made numerous designs for the characters.

    • Bruce Timm posts at the DC animation forum under the identity B.T.

    • He helped establish The DC Animated Universe with Batman: The Animated Series. That show later spawned Superman, Batman Beyond, The Zeta Project, Static Shock, and Justice League.

  • Quotes

    • Bruce: My first exposure to superheroes was the Adam West show. Of course, I was 5 years old, so I didn't realize that it was a parody; I thought that it was straight, and I took it seriously. The weird thing is that my parents really liked it, but they were liking it on a completely different level than I [was]. I thought that it was real. I didn't understand that everything was high-blown and camp. I'll never forget this one episode — The cliffhanger was Robin being eaten by a clam. [Laughs] Normally, the cliffhangers wouldn't actually show Batman & Robin getting killed; that was part of the rules, that they would always be trapped, but in the next episode they'd get out. But in this one particular episode, you saw Robin getting eaten by a clam, and when his foot disappeared inside the clam, I thought, "Oh my God! They killed Robin!" The next day in school, we were all talking about it; that's how seriously we took it.

    • Bruce: (Talking about the fights he and the staff of Batman: The Animated Series had with censors) We were just like 'Look, we're not trying to destroy the boys of America, we just want to make a good show.'

    • Bruce: I went on record many times saying I would never, ever do Justice League. All I can say is be careful what you promise!