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  • Way Bett,

    Than Johna Stewart, and she played in Galgameth man.
  • Great person.

    Funny. Great actor. Smart. Handsome.
  • Bruce willis is the best actor in the whole wide world He is very classy and he deserves the best movies there are. I am so glad that he got discovered because he is the reason why i like action movies. Bruce will is very nice too. I am his number one fan

    Bruce willis is my favorite actor I started watching his movies when I saw him in the Kid and I\'ve been renting them ever since. What I like most about him is he can do comedy as well as he can do action. I\'ve only seen 14 of his movies but i rent one every chance i get he has a sort of apppeal that other actors don\'t i love him and i admmire his work even though i don\'t keep up with his music and i can\'t wait for die hard 4 to come out some people may think that since he is getting older, he won't get as many roles but i only think that his acting keeps getting better with each movie that comes out!
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    Bruce Willis has been in so much. I should have seen some of his more recent movies and animations. Out of his long list of credits, my favourite is deffinintly the Die Hard series. I can't wait for the fourth one. He has also been in The Fifth Element which is another one of my all time favourites and a whole lot more!
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    He is a great actor. He is not those actors that only plays on in action movies because he has done of everything from sitcoms to action movies, and to kind of villains (Pulp Fiction) and even to children movies, (Over the Hedge) which is something worth of mentioning. Bruce Willis is awesome!
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    Bruce Willis is one of the best actors of his generation and has made several all time great movies. Die Hard is one of the best action movies, 12 Monkeys is classic SciFi, and Sixth Sense one of the best horror flicks. Willis conveys the rugged yet vulnerable everyman extremely well.
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    Bruce Willis is a man's man. I mean, the guy has starred in some absolutely amazing action films and he has showed no signs of slowing down. While his foray into comedy has been a little shaky, he has done some comedic roles that have worked out well.
  • "Bruce Willis - bonny ball ball"

    Well this is True Bruce Willis woes Always my actor Well Bat same time that He woes Have Same not great Movie All the big Bruce Willis cone bat He allways Know how To back with Same Big Boom To make is Fans like am again
    I have to say that I woes Know Bruce Willis Just From "Die Hart" I woes just 10 year old bat this movie woes so Ruck I stile have at on DVD bAt I woes never know that He woes have a Tv Show Before And Then I meet the Funny Guy David Addison woes wily Funny Guy That Woes make Fun of Every thing This woes the Best work that He did on Tv and on Friends Too lol
    Well After All He Wily good Actor
  • "Morning, Mr. Addison."

    Born in Germany, raised in New Jersey, and one of the most prolific film stars of the day, Bruce Willis broke his teeth on the television role of a detective who couldn't shoot straight. For many, that five-year turn is still one of his most enjoyable.

    David Addison, a Philadelphia native, fled a collapsed marriage in New York to try and make it big in some career that didn't involve beer taps. He landed in L.A. and signed up with something often perceived as perfect for, let's say, less than squeaky clean types. David got his private detective license and soldiered on at City of Angels Investigations for a good two years before he met his boss.

    And what a boss she was.

    Madeline Hayes (played by Cybill Shepherd) didn't so much walk into his life as crash-land. The owner of the company showed up after she was robbed of her assets by a corrupt former accountant. She changed the name to Blue Moon, and that wasn't all she was determined to change. Maddie griped, she fought, she pushed David to make something of himself. It didn't hurt that she was gorgeous; not to mention, completely unafraid of his racy jokes and apt to fire back.

    The two worked, struggled and eventually fell in love.

    'Moonlighting' was such a surprising blend of styles that they made up a word for it: dramedy. The show's intelligent scripts, shot through with dark wit and romantic bravado, brought it a devoted audience and critical accolades. It is today named among the entertainment watermarks of its decade.

    Bruce Willis can rightly claim a diverse and highly successful body of work. The keystone of that career remains one of the most charming aspects.

    I still raise a glass to ol' Dave.
  • He's Totally Mad Who Did'nt Like "Die Hard"

    This is my first person review and could'nt be with a better actor.

    He might not seem that good to you but he is.
    If you really think, he's been in some really, really, really good movies.

    Such as Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard 3 and one of my personal favourites Sin City.
    So as you can see he is a action hero but hes been in some dramas.But i hope he stays with action.He's different from the others like Arnold and Stalon.

    He's also been in some good Tv shows.Maybe he should have his own show.
    He's Bruce Willis "Yippi ciyo MotherF@#$er"
  • Thankyou Bruce for Die Hard!!!

    Yippie Kayay Mother.....

    Well you know the rest! John McClane is one of my favourite movie characters of all time! Bruce has done some great stuff but nothing compares to his work in Die Hard!

    Like just about every actor Willis has had his fair share of shockers, but the man is an action star he was made to fight and overcome impossible odds.

    Probably my favourite film of all time is Pulp Fiction and even though he wasn't the star he was fantastic in his role as the boxer on the run!

    As for TV, well I saw him on an episode of That '70s show and he was less than inspiring! Still the role he played didn't give him a chance top do anything like that!

    I heard that there is a Die Hard 4 in the works! He may not be in the same condition he was over 15 years ago, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it!!!
  • Great Actor, Still going strong

    Bruce Willis gets all the right roles. Im a big fan of the die hard trilogy but I have also seen a lot of his other movies. He is great it them as well. Even though he has aged alot he is still going strong, and for that I say well done Brucey.
  • He is soo amazing! I love all of his work!

    Bruce Willis is a great actor. He is soo amazing! I love to watch his movies! He has such great tastes in movies, I have seen most of them, sometimes I will rent a movie just because he is in it because I know more than likely it will be a good movie if he is in it.
  • The greatest action actor of all time just keeps getting better.

    No matter if his catchy phrases or rapid gun fire. Bruce is the best at what he does. He is an action star even if he doesn't want to be and that is what people want to see him in. Die Hard 4.0 is a must. He is the only actor that can take the big screen by storm no matter what kind of action movie it is.
  • How badass can a man get?

    Recently reaching 50 years old, and still has a natural "tough guy" look. From Die Hard, to Pulp Fiction, to Sin City, to Hostage. This guy just has the look that says "I'll kill you". He plays his roles very well and is a great actor. He's so awesome, he even stared in a crappy PS1 game. If you want a bad ass to star in your movie, giving him the lead role is a sure fire bet that the lead character will be aweswome.