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  • Bruce willis is the best actor in the whole wide world He is very classy and he deserves the best movies there are. I am so glad that he got discovered because he is the reason why i like action movies. Bruce will is very nice too. I am his number one fan

    Bruce willis is my favorite actor I started watching his movies when I saw him in the Kid and I\'ve been renting them ever since. What I like most about him is he can do comedy as well as he can do action. I\'ve only seen 14 of his movies but i rent one every chance i get he has a sort of apppeal that other actors don\'t i love him and i admmire his work even though i don\'t keep up with his music and i can\'t wait for die hard 4 to come out some people may think that since he is getting older, he won't get as many roles but i only think that his acting keeps getting better with each movie that comes out!