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  • Funny but...

    he gets on my nerves. Apparently he can't sit and talk.
  • Bruno Tonioli 2012 Red Carpet Interview

    Love how outrageous and over the top he is. Perfect for the "meanie" role!

    Bruno Tonioli is known as the loud, fun-loving, hilarious judge on the hit TV series "Dancing with the Stars." He came out to the John Wayne Cancer Institute Event and chatted with StarCam about how crazy-intense the current season is and why it's more important than ever for viewers to vote!
  • I've lost ALL respect for Ms. Tonioli!

    I used to really like to watch "Dancing With The Stars", but more and more lately Bruno has become as rude and obnoxious as "Simon". I would almost expect this type of thing from an old curmugeon like Len, but you? Are you forgetting what the show is about? AMATEURS! These people aren't professional dancers, they are, for the most part, out of their element. I'd like to see how well Bruno would fare on Survivor, or better yet, on the football gridiron with real men! Just remember, you can give someone a critique without being an ass. This new level of cruelty is enough to make me sick. Go to Disney Bruno, it seems you are out of "fairy dust"!
  • Love watching Bruno on Dancing with the Stars. He is the SPICE that makes this show so much fun to watch!

    Dancing with the Stars is Fun to Watch and all of Judges do a great job making things more interesting and controversial. Thank you ABC for another winning entertainment season! Bruno Tonioli is an amazingly talented performer with never a dull moment. I couldn't imagine this show without him. To have a icon of his achievement working as a judge on this show is one the reasons it is a hit and ABC was very clever to have made this prestigious decision. Before I had learned of his status, I was wondering how did they choose such a man and now I realize that it was a very excellent choice indeed.
  • Since I am now his editor I think it is only fitting that I write a review.

    Bruno Tonioli is wonderful because he is completely outrageous and he over emphasises everything. He is such a sweet man and I really want to thank him when he gives positive advice to contestants on Strictly Come Dancing rather than critising them. Some one his comments though are hilarious and I think that this exaggeration of a point has made him so likeable. Whenever he appears on Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two I always look forward to it because I know he will say something which will crack me up even if doesn't intend it to be funny. His impression of the other judges was pure excellence.
  • He's absoulutely hilarious!

    Bruno is one of the main reasons that I watch Strictly Come Dancing. He really gets carried away and i think that his comments to the contestants are both helpful and downright funny! He is the most entertaining judge and is always a good laugh when he is on Strictly Come Dancing : It Takes Two.