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    • After Patrick Swazye did an impression of him.
      Bruno: What an endorsement.

    • Bruno (on Dancing With the Stars): It's very similar. It's exactly the same show. It's fewer judges, so we talk more, which I quite like! Well, I'm never one to shut up. It was the biggest show in the summer.

    • Bruno (on who he think will win): Well, I don't know! At this stage I really don't know. It could be Zoë; it could James, Colin or Darren. At this stage they are all in the running. Patsy could come back very, very strong. At the moment Will and Bill are the weakest.

    • Bruno (on the highlights of the first three seasons): Oh, there are so many. For me it was sometimes the worst moments – The Paso Dreadful by Chris Parker. Sometimes the bad are nearly as good as the good. Obviously Natasha [is a highlight]. The Jill and Denise race to the top, and this year it's very exciting because we have some very strong men.

    • Bruno: (on the other judges): I get on fine with everybody. I do my job and don't take things personally. They're entitled to their opinion so when I don't agree at the time I respond to it.

    • Bruno (on the success of Strictly Come Dancing): It's not just another reality show. It brings back variety, very high production values and family entertainment. There isn't anything like it – you can't compare it to the X Factor.

    • Bruno (after leaping around the studio): I was exaggerating to make a point.
      Claudia: I'm thinking 'demented.'

    • Bruno (doing an impression of Craig): Four.

    • Bruno (on Bill and Karen's Rumba): It was Godzilla and the praying mantis.

    • Bruno (to Patsy and Anton): With you, there's more ups and downs than the plotlines of EastEnders.

    • Bruno (on Colin's Samba): It was the boy from Brazil let loose and bootylicious.

    • Bruno (on Jill and Darren's Jive): I couldn't judge that. I was transported by an explosion of talent.