Bryan Cranston





3/7/1956 , Hollywood, California, USA

Birth Name

Bryan Lee Cranston




Bryan Cranston has had a very interesting career. He has worked from popular sitcoms and movies to Japanese animé series like Armitage III. He made his debut on television when he was just 8 years old, appearing in a commercial. However, he didn't want to be an actor until high school. After graduation, he studied acting and moved to Daytona Beach, Florida where he participated in major theatrical productions like Barefoot in the Park and Death of a Salesman. His television series debut came in 1982 when he joined the cast of the soap opera Loving. He worked in the program for a while, but then he had other roles on Airwolf and Hill Street Blues, where he was more successful. Bryan began transforming into a more prominent actor as he made appearances in the sitcom Raising Miranda in 1988. In the following years, Bryan worked in various television and film projects, including Clean Slate and The Louie Show and voice-acting in Armitage III, in which he was credited as Lee Stone for unknown reasons. Cranston rose to popularity with his roles in notable films such as That Thing You Do! and Saving Private Ryan. Fox then gave him a starring role in Malcolm in the Middle. The show was a huge success and made Bryan one of the most known actors on television. His performance on the series also earned him back-to-back Emmy award nominations in 2002-2003. Since 2007, Cranston has been portraying the role of Walter White on Breaking Bad.