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  • A great actor.

    I have to say that Bryan Cranston is by far one of the most overlooked actors in the business today. I will have to admit I never thought that he was the best actor in the world, but who is? I think that he is a fine actor and has very good range in playing in dramas and then showing his funny side in great comedies. I will best remember him as Hal in the television show Malcolm in the Middle. He was great and an original character. I often thought he got overlooked by Lois, which was unfair because I thought he was the better actor. Thank you.
  • A dentist, a neighbor, and a dad.

    Bryan Cranston is best known as the father, Hal Wilkerson, on Malcolm in the Middle but I found this out. He appears on my top three sitcoms. First, yes, Malcolm in the Middle but also played Tim Whately, Jerry's dentist, on Seinfeld, and Tim Sacksky, Doug's neighbor, on The King of Queens. Cranston is a very talented actor who expresses himself.
  • Bryan Cranston ROCKS!

    I've rarely seen such a gifted actor...
    He's responsible for some of the best scenes on TV
    (for instance that hilarious roller-skating dance performance he did on Malcolm in the Middle...
    I've watched it a hundred times and it's still funny.
    Outside of Malcolm in the Middle, I had only seen him as a guest star on Seinfeld and How I Met your Mother,
    I really liked him and wondered, when he would start playing serious roles. But I honestly wouldn't have expected such an outstanding performance like the one on Breaking Bad. Of course we have to acknowledge the writing of that show is outstanding, but he makes it perfect. Bryan, we'll see you at the Emmys...
  • A terrific actor in "Malcolm in the Middle."

    I don't really know a lot about Bryan Cranston, except that he plays Hal in the show "Malcolm in the Middle". He does very great in that role and is very funny in it, too. He has a good voice, but it's not the best I've heard. He deserves more credit than he gets, and should appear more often. Overall, good voice, talented, and funny.
  • Half Life Movie?

    Who else could play Gordon Freeman!?
  • His role in malcom in malcom the middle is so funny.........................

    Hal is the funniest person in the funniet sitcom ever! He is so much more talented than most acter on any other show. My favorite episode is when Dewey sets up th dominoes and then he doesnt nock them over because he spent so much time cleaning them up...then Hal builds the coolest domino set and he mit nocking it over..
  • perfect

    He played a goofy Dr. on Seinfeld, he played Hal on Malcolm in the Middle, and he plays Walter White on Breaking Bad. The man has a lot of talent. It's kind of hard to believe that the same man who played goofy dad Hal is playing Meth guy Walter White. He is an incredibly good actor, comedian, and I hope to see more things from him. There's probably a lot he is in that I have not seen, and I hope to discover he is as good as those as he is in these. Definitely a great guy. Perfect
  • Have only seen him on Malcolm in the Middle,but would like to see his other work..

    I think it\'s a crime that Bryan Cranston hasn\'t been nominated for his role on Malcolm when other actors in this field are overrated.When he\'s singing or making faces or even during those serious moments,he reminds me of Danny Kaye and a little bit of John Cleese,too..It seems that the Emmys always pick the same old actors and never nominate lesser known actors that do much better work...Thank you Bryan Cranston for giving us an unforgettable and endearing character like Hal.Him and the whole family will be missed.I\'m looking forward to your past work as well as your future works,too...Thanks!!