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    • Bryan directed the 2006 comedy Special Unit. He also produced and hosted a 2003 short video documentary called KidSmartz.

    • Bryan appeared in the 2001 They Might Be Giants music video for "Boss of Me".

    • While working on the animé series, Armitage III, Cranston was credited as Lee Stone. It is unknown why he was credited using this alias.

    • Awards and Nominations: • 1999 (W) - Best of the Fest (Drama), Breckenridge Festival of Film, for Last Chance2000 (W) - Audience Award, Valleyfest Film Festival, for Last Chance2001 (N) - Individual Achievement in Comedy, Television Critics Association Awards, for Malcolm in the Middle2002 (N) - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Emmy Awards, for Malcolm in the Middle2003 (N) - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Emmy Awards, for Malcolm in the Middle2003 (N) - Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, Golden Globe Awards, for Malcolm in the Middle2004 (N) - Best Performance by an Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical, Golden Satellite Award, for Malcolm in the Middle2004 (N) - Most Popular Mom & Pop in a Television Series, Young Artist Awards, for Malcolm in the Middle, shared with Jane Kaczmarek2006 - honored as Grand Marshal of the Sherman Oaks, Street Fair by the Chamber of Commerce for his contribution towards the community KidSmartz • 2006 (N) - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series, Emmy Awards, for Malcolm in the Middle2008 (W) - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Emmy Awards, for Breaking Bad2008 (W) - Best Actor in a Series, Drama, Sattelite Award, for Breaking Bad2009 (N) - Individual Achievement in Drama, Television Critics Association Awards, for Breaking Bad2009 (N) - Performance in a Drama Multi-Episode Storyline, Prism Awards, for Breaking Bad2009 (N) - Best Actor in Television, Saturn Award, for Breaking Bad • 2009 (W) - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Emmy Awards, for Breaking Bad • 2010 (W) - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Emmy Awards, for Breaking Bad • 2013 (W) - Outstanding Drama Series, Emmy Awards, for Breaking Bad, • 2014 (W) - Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Drama Series, Emmy Awards for Breaking Bad.

    • In high school, he was very good friends with the soccer player, Daniel Cameron.

    • After his father, actor Joe Cranston and mother split up, Bryan lived with his mom. He has a brother Kyle Edward and a sister Amy.

    • In the year 2000, Bryan appeared in a TV commercial for Honda Accord. He also appeared in a TV commercial for Excedrin.

    • Bryan wanted to become a police officer when he was in high school.

    • Film and TV Movie Credits:
      Hard Four (2007) as Bryce Baxter
      Intellectual Property (2006) as CSE Radio Host
      Little Miss Sunshine (2006) as Stan Grossman
      Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D (2005) as Buzz Aldrin
      Illusion (2004) as David
      Thanksgiving Family Reunion (2003) as Woodrow Snider
      The Santa Claus Brothers (2001) as Santa Claus
      'Twas the Night (2001) as Nick Wrigley
      Terror Tract (2000) as Ron Gatley
      The Prince of Light (2000) as Ram
      The Big Thing (2000) as Roberto Montalban
      Strategic Command (1997) as Phil Hertzberg
      Street Corner Justice (1996) as Father Brophy
      The Rockford Files: Punishment and Crime (1996) as Patrick Dougherty
      Time Under Fire (1996) as Braddock
      Kissing Miranda (1995) as Special Agent Falsey
      Extreme Blue (1995) as Ned Landry
      The Companion (1994) as Alan
      Macross Plus (1994) as Isamu Alva Dyson
      Days Like This (1994) as Benny
      Men Who Hate Women & the Women Who Love Them (1994) as David
      Armitage III (1994) (V) (voice: English version) as Eddie Borrows
      Chôjikû seiki Ôgasu 02/Super Dimension Century Orguss 02 (1993) as Imperial Officer
      Prophet of Evil: The Ervil LeBaron Story (1993)
      The Disappearance of Nora (1993)
      Morudaibâ/Moldiver (1993) as Launch Control Center Technician, Additional Voices
      Dead Silence (1991) as Prof. Harris
      Dead Space (1991) as Darden
      Corporate Affairs (1990) as Darren
      I Know My First Name Is Steven (1989) as Officer Dickenson
      The Big Turnaround (1988)
      Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) as Roast Your Loved One - Paramedic #1
      The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1987) as Dr. Shepherd
      Ôritsu uchûgun Oneamisu no tsubasa/Wings of Honneamise (1987) (voice: English version) as Matti Tohn

    • He spent six weeks learning how to actually rollerskate before filming the episode of Malcolm in the Middle entitled "Rollerskates".

    • During his college years, Bryan became an ordained minister for the Universal Life Church as a part-time job.

    • Cranston's theatrical credits include A Dolls House for Shakespeare Santa Cruz, Chapter Two at the Shadow Lawn Stage New Jersey, The Taming of the Shrew, Los Angeles productions of Eastern Standard Wrestlers, Barefoot in the Park and The Steven Weed Show and The God Of Hell at the Geffen Theater.

    • "Rollerskates" is Bryan's favorite Malcolm in the Middle episode. His favorite place in the world is Hawaii.

    • Bryan rescued his dog, Sugar, from the pound.

    • While working on the show Airwolf, Bryan met his wife, Robin Dearden, with whom he had a daughter named Taylor. He was previously married to Mickey Middleton (m. 10-Nov-1977).

    • The last name of the first Blue Power Ranger (from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers) was named after Cranston. Cranston had worked on the crew of the show.

    • Bryan, who is of Scotch-Irish descent, is 5' 10½" (1.79 metres) tall.

  • Quotes

    • Bryan: (on the elastic quality of his face) I've been teased by my family all my life. I can open up a jar of pickles and make the most excruciating face... I don't even know I'm doing it.

    • Bryan: Acting isn't safe. You do it partly because it's dangerous. If you can be happy doing something else... do that. You should only dedicate a life in the arts if you feel you have to. If your art burns inside you, yielding, unquestionable.

    • Bryan: (about onscreen nudity) An acting teacher once taught me that to be an effective actor, you have to be willing to appear naked... he meant emotionally naked. I misunderstood and took it literally, but there is truth in both. You have to be open, vulnerable, and not easily embarrassed. To act effectively, you have to imagine yourself being able to do in public what you do when you are completely alone.

    • Bryan: (on his dancing skills) Call me twinkle toes. Honestly, in my past, one of the physically hardest classes that I have ever taken was ballet. I have the most respect for dancers. Excuse me while I practice my pirouettes.

    • Bryan: I wanted to be a professional baseball player until I realized that I brought a new meaning to the word 'mediocre'.

    • Bryan: You know, this business is pure luck. It truly is. There is a tangible amount of luck that is necessary for a successful career, and the only way that luck happens is if you're prepared for it and you stick with it. If you drop out of the scene, your opportunity for luck diminishes greatly. No one's going to say, "Hey you're an insurance salesman. Come and do this movie".

    • Bryan: I don't want to say it's not important to win [an Emmy], because it is. Would it be important to me personally to win? It would be wonderful; I would be delighted. Is it important for an actor's career? I would say yes.

    • Bryan: The only thing I say a prayer for is for health and safety for my family. Some people even include happiness and a hope for something else. Not me. I think everything else is on your own. That's the way I look at it. If you can just maintain health and safety, you're in good shape. And anything else, you have to create.

    • Bryan: My wife is the cook, really. I'm a good helper and I clean like nobody's business. I can load a dishwasher like nobody else.

    • Bryan: I've got a whole mantel just waiting for those awards to come, a whole big mantel. There's just so much available space. I've got the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling, all ready to shine on them. I dust it off every day.