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    • Bryan: (asked if he had ever received an interesting gift from a fan) Alison Sweeney and I have 'Lumi' fans (a combination of Lucas and Sami's names). We got 25 pounds of sweet tarts with individual, personalised messages written on each one like 'Lumi Forever'.

    • Bryan: (on attending acting classes) Then, it seemed like torture. Now I thank my mom for the experience that gave me my start in the business. It wasn't easy for her as a single mother raising three kids on her own. But she's the reason I got the training to do what I love.

    • Bryan: (on his favorite author) Herman Melville. I've never read a book like Moby Dick. No other writer has totally quenched my imagination. He's so descriptive and develops such a mood. It's so easy to picture what he's talking about.

    • Bryan: (his worst quality) A quick temper. Meditation helps. Having a dog helps, too, because I catch myself being angry over little things and realize I have to be tolerant. I learn to handle things differently.

    • Bryan: (on his divorce) It was hell. I was stripped. I lost the house, my marriage broke up, I went through trials, sold all five cars, liquidated all the assets; it's not easy. You begin to doubt yourself and you've got to hang on. I was amazed at the fact that I was so weak.

    • Bryan: (on filming a fantasy kiss scene with Alison Sweeney) There's no halfway to do it [kiss]; you've just got to, like, suck face. You have to be dedicated to that. She's a cutie, so it wasn't that big of a problem, but it was weird because that had never happened between us before. After it was done, we didn't even look at each other. We went our separate ways and tried to get over it. It was very funny.

    • Bryan: (how he'd like to see Lucas leave Days Of Our Lives) I'd like Lucas going out with guns blazing. Defending Sami or Will that would show his love for them and the family he always wanted. I definitely don't want him to be the victim in anything. I want it to be because he's so passionate about something that he's willing to sacrifice himself. But, of course, I'd like the door open for him to come back.

    • Bryan: I look at acting like using a part of yourself in everything, so even if I do other characters, there's always a part of me there, not Lucas. I bring myself into every role which you have to in order to make it believable.