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  • Wednesday 12/12/07 A twist at the end !

    Just when I thought this show couldn't get any better ! After tonight, I'm an a official addict ! Knowing Bryans "darker" side, as I do ! The twists and turns are the best part. This show has my Peoples Choice vote. ( If I get a say ) ! Congrats to Bryan and everyone who I can see, put their hearts and soles in there work. Can't wait for the next one! Take care, And my wife says "Hey" too ( You will remember her as Vicki Poe ) . Thanks Bryan, and keep pushing those dasies ! One of your old co-workers Joe Byers
  • Brilliant

    Dead like me, one of the greatest shows ever, Wonderfalls a great show that was never given a chance by anyone and was placed in some of the worst time slots available for a new tv show, Heroes is great and Pushing Daisies should be one of the greatest shows of my lifetime. His humor is great, dry and quirky, dark and mysterious, and no matter what you think is happening, he knows theres much more to show you. It is near impossible to catch everything he throws at you in one viewing. His talent can't be measured, but it can be enjoyed and should be enjoyed for a lifetime!