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  • Bryan Greenberg: Actor and Singer/Songwriter. He's hot and charming and he's definitely going places.

    Bryan Greenberg is an amazing actor who is definitely going places, in my opinion. He is not very well known, but the characters he has chosen to play prove that he's versatile. From Jake Jagielski in One Tree Hill, a basketball player with a baby, to Nick Garrett in October Road, a writer going home again, he never fails to inspire emotion in his audiences, and those are just the roles of the characters he plays on TV. His movie career doesn't boast many credits, but his performances are great. In The Perfect Score, his character is a small one, but funny and sweet. In Nobel Son, his character is dark and mystifying, and brilliant. Greenberg is hot, sweet, and charming and has the potential to be great. I am sure I'm not the only one on the lookout for what he plans to do next with his acting career.
    His singing career is also notable. His new CD, Waiting For Now, contains lyrics both heartfelt and catchy. As a singer/songwriter, Bryan proves that he is more than just an actor, but a poet. Suffice it to say, I love Bryan Greenberg's music and his acting work and I know that his star is on the rise.
  • Would've give higher than a 10 but that's the highest I can go!

    The first time I saw him was on One Tree Hill. I just fell in love with Jake. What a great character he is! I then watched Prime & The Perfect Score. (How awesome was Prime?!) Bryan is just so great. He's so fun to watch. I'm really glad he got his own show. He totally deserved it and since Jake isn't on OTH anymore, we Bryan need to see on something! I think he is going to be a big name in Hollywood. He's going to do great things. Just give him time. Can't wait for season 2 of October Road!
  • mmmmmm good!

    I first saw Bryan on One Tree Hill as Jake and fell in love with his character. (I was really pulling for him to come back but I don't see that happening.) He has a way about himself when he's in front of the camera that makes you feel like he's a real person. I love the chemistry between him and Laura Prepon who plays Hannah. I am pulling for those two to get together. I hope to see Bryan in some movies soon. I think the lead role in October Road will help him get his name out there to directors for movies. Great actor!
  • I was hooked from the very first episode. Nick & Hannah have some great chemistry happening and it makes for a great love story. I always liked Laura Prepon (That 70's show)and Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill).

    I was hooked from the very first episode of October Road. I just happened to trip over it a couple of weeks ago while looking for something to watch. Now that I've seen three episodes, I totaaly love that show! I like the chemistry between Nick and Hannah...they make you feel what they're feeling..which is love and longing...yet they hold back. And I like the relationship that's developping between Janet and Eddie. Janet seems to keep Eddie seems like he's never had that before. I also like Tom Berenger as Nick's dad. I've always liked Tom in pretty much anything thing I've seen him in. I look forward to watching this show every Thursday. I just hope that the network doesn't decide to pull the plug!
  • Bryan is one of the most talented and hottest guy ever!

    I fell in love with him on OTH. His character, Jake, was the sweetest guy ever. He played Jake really well! I heard that he was going to be on October Road. I was soo excited! I couldn't wait till it aired. He played Nick really well too! He had great chemistry with every on the set of Oct. Road and One Tree Hill. In both shows, he has a kid lol.
    He is really gorgeous! I cant wait till October Road airs again. The first episode was great! I can't wait to watch the rest of the episodes in the season.
  • He was a character in One Tree Hill and now he is playing in this show!

    OK well like tis review said....he is mostly known for One Tree Hill's Jake....and that is how i know is also the reason why i am watching the show!!!! I believe Bryan is an amazing actor and if he understands the character well enough then he is great at who he portrays(sorry about spelling)....he was amazing as Jake and even though i havent watch the show i have a really really really big feeing that he will be everything he does!!! p.s. he is also a HOTTIE!!!!!
  • BRING JAKE BACK! Please!

    Bryan Greenberg, or Jake Jagielski on my beloved One Tree Hill, is a talented actor and singer.

    He played the troubled teen father - Jake - really well and had great chemistry with Hilarie Burton. His singing talents are also showcased on the show and "Someday" made my heart melt.

    He added wisdom to the teens in Tree Hill and I would love to see him back on the show... with RACHEL! We, OTH fans, feel that his troubles with Nikki are far from over!

    He is also really mellow, which is a refreshing break from the other troubled characters on the show.

    Hearing him on the OTH Season 2 commentary with Mark Schwahn, makes me think that Greenberg is an overall nice guy.

    Therefore, he is talented and needs to come back to One Tree Hill whether or not his new Pilot is a hit or not!
  • just read

    He's great! I first discovered him on OTH. It was very obovious that he was way to good to be just a supporting character and I'm thrilled that he is doing October Road. I also love his music. And I loved him in Prime. Seems like there is nothing he can't do.
  • Bring back Jake...

    Bryan makes my legs go to jelly. I wish they would bring him back to play Jake for good in OTH as I have never seen him in any other show, over the pond, here in the UK.
    It is also nice to have an older guy in OTH too, as lovely as Chad and James are, they are babies, Bryan however is just the right age!
  • My idol!

    Bryan is an amazing actor and musician! He landed so much movie rolls and eve TV show roles. Even if he mostly plays recruiting cast he still brings the show something that most actors can not. He is an awesome musician, he sings, plays the guitar. His voice is amazing and I woudn't mind him releaseing an album or something. He is known for his role in The WB's hit TV teen drama series "One Tree Hill" he plays Jake, a single father, high school student, awesome friend, great basketball player and he even has relationships with some people. He is an amazing actor and he will have a bright future.
  • wow

    i love everything about bryan greenberg. first of all he is so so hott!!!! he was not the best actor in prime but he has been great on one tree hill. i do not think that the producers will but please bring bryan greenberg back to one tree hill. second... he is a musician. ho freakin hot is that. he is not the regular hot boy but he has something about him that is so attractive. i think all girls will agree with me there!!! i love him!!! so so so so so so so so so so freakin hot!!!!!!!
  • He does a great job in his character, especially as a single dad, sport jock, highschooler. :)

    I think they should let Brian have a full time roll on OTH. I really like him and Peyton together. He brings a lot of emotion to the show as well. Unfortunately single parenting in teens happens a lot, so why not add a little real life situation to the show?.
  • Bryan Greenberg is known as Jake on "One Tree Hill." He is hot! He has a beautiful singing voice and is a great actor.

    Bryan Greenberg is a great actor and an awesome singing voice. He's really hot! His character on One Tree Hill, Jake, really gets to me. He's a great father, an awesome friend, a good basketball player, a beautiful singer, and a very fun-loving, whole hearted person. I'm always hoping that one day he'll come back to Tree Hill for good. I love his character. When I think about Bryan Greenberg, I think of the fact that he's hot, a great singer and actor, and how well he plays his parts in whatever he's in. Not many have the same talents as Bryan Greenberg. He's one of a kind.
  • hot hot hotttt!

    So I just got back from seeing Prime. For the second time. The first time I saw it, I was on a plane. Usuallly, when one is flying, they can't fully appreciate a movie for all that it is on the little 5 inch dirty screens. So, on a whim, I went to see it with a few girlfriends. And we all loved it. Interestingly enough, I really believe that Bryan Greenberg actually did a much better job in the film than the critically aclaimed Uma Thurman. He was just so real, and so believable. Not to mention a pleasure to watch on the screen; check out that body! His occassional appearances on One Tree Hill are memorable as well; he just comes across as a really genuinely nice guy. His presence on the screen really does overshadow that of otehr stars without being obnoxious. His quiet confidence makes you want to look at him, and listen to him. I hope to be seeing more of him...there's definitely a lot in his future. However, I hope that he doesn't get typecast as the hottie who can remember his lines...I think that he could do so well beyond that.
  • Hes a Really good actor that will go really far in his life and he is really young so imagine when hes older hes gunna be so much more famouser and I look up to him, I want to be an actor because of him!

    I hope that he comes back in Season 3 of One Tree Hill the character of Payton really needs it Hilarie is a really good actor but he makes the character that much better I hope he comes bck with jenny and they go off together at the end of the school year and get married on the show they are the perfect Couple!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bryan Greenberg is an excellent actor. I saw him in all the One Tree Hill episode. He's so good in everything. He's beautiful, gorgeous he has a lot of talent. He's my favorite actor on this show. I love him so much He's an excellent actor ! ! ! !

    Bryan Greenberg is so good. I saw the latest movie with him and Uma Thurman. He played the role very well. I like him a lot. He made the right choice when he decided to be an actor.He's good and I love him very much. Continue your great job. Good luck for the future!!!
  • He is great . .

    Bryan Greenberg has a certain persona to him. He is just an amazing actor and he is an amazing attribute to One Tree Hill. I really hope he comes back and stays for good. I was reading One Tree Hill spoilers and I heard he was. He just belongs with Peyton. There great together. He is really cute too!
  • He's so gorgeous that I made a zillion banners and icons featuring him!

    I seriously did make a lot.=) I love watching him in different shows and movies. He's always so cute especially in The Perfect Score. I think he should be more well known because he does have talent. What else could anyone ask for? Good looks, great actor...

    Bryan Greenberg is on his way to the top...!!
  • Great actor and completely gorgeous!

    Bryan Greenbreg is one of my favorite actors! On One Tree Hill he plays such a sweet guy and i love it! I think he looks a lot better with the short hair than he did with the longer hair. But i like both. I loved watching him in The Perfect Score. Even though he was stealing SAT answers in it he was still playing a sweetheart. And he was so funny in that movie! I loved it! He's a great actor and a total cutie!!
  • I love this guy.

    He chooses great roles so far. Playing Jake Jaglieski is great. His role really makes girls fall in love with him. A single parent doing all he can to protect his daughter from harm. What woman would not want a man like that? I sure do. It would be really better if he has more roles in upcoming movies soon. We got to see him play himself in Unscripted, so its great to see him more on the big screen.