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  • Bryan Greenberg: Actor and Singer/Songwriter. He's hot and charming and he's definitely going places.

    Bryan Greenberg is an amazing actor who is definitely going places, in my opinion. He is not very well known, but the characters he has chosen to play prove that he's versatile. From Jake Jagielski in One Tree Hill, a basketball player with a baby, to Nick Garrett in October Road, a writer going home again, he never fails to inspire emotion in his audiences, and those are just the roles of the characters he plays on TV. His movie career doesn't boast many credits, but his performances are great. In The Perfect Score, his character is a small one, but funny and sweet. In Nobel Son, his character is dark and mystifying, and brilliant. Greenberg is hot, sweet, and charming and has the potential to be great. I am sure I'm not the only one on the lookout for what he plans to do next with his acting career.
    His singing career is also notable. His new CD, Waiting For Now, contains lyrics both heartfelt and catchy. As a singer/songwriter, Bryan proves that he is more than just an actor, but a poet. Suffice it to say, I love Bryan Greenberg's music and his acting work and I know that his star is on the rise.