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    • Bryan: I'm not really concerned about fame, or all the things that come along with being an actor.

    • Bryan: I am not that athletic, but that is the beauty of film and television, they can make you look good. I'm just good enough to get the job done, but in reality, I get served all the time. I am a white Jewish guy from the Midwest, I can't ball that much, but I can hold my own.

    • Bryan (About his One Tree Hill character): He is so random and cryptic. He's sort of like the Buddha of basketball. He doesn't say much, but when he speaks, what he says is important.

    • Bryan: I feel pretty darn lucky to be on One Tree Hill. I get to do the three things I love most in the world, which are act, play basketball and play guitar.

    • Bryan (about acting teachers): I've gone to so many different acting teachers. It's funny. Listen to what Goddard says in class: know the lines, know what they mean and mean them when you say them. If I would have known that earlier. Think of all the money I wasted! (laughs) When we have to do scenes for Goddard's class, we work hard because we know that he's gonna be brutally honest.

    • Bryan (on actors coping with unemployment): I think actors have to psychologically convince themselves 'This is what I'm gonna do for the rest of my life', because once you start having a Plan B, then you're going to say, 'Well, this is too rough, and I'm gonna go this way'. Once you get a little work, it's so great that you just want more. It's like an addiction, you know?

    • Bryan (on having a celebrity crush): No, I don't want to get into that and get into trouble. I just started!

    • Bryan (about meeting Meryl Streep): Then when I met her, she was so disarming and cool and generous; she wasn't an icon or on a high horse at all, she was just as willing to learn. That leveled the playing field a little bit. As a young actor trying to make it for a while, actually it's what I've always wanted to do.

    • Bryan (about making out with Uma Thurman): A lot of actors will say, 'It's not glamorous' and 'It's just a job,' and that's all true, but when you get a chance to make out with Uma Thurman... I enjoyed those scenes. It's sort of, you know, I like to mess around with Uma and push her buttons a little. I guess she expected I'd be a little nervous. She's,'You're OK?' I said I'd never done this before. 'You've never done this before, you've never done a sex scene before?' And I'm saying, 'I never had sex before.' She looked at me, 'Oh, you're a virgin' - and I had her for five minutes. And then it was good.

    • Bryan (on his SAT scores): I'm not telling you my score the first time I took it. Then I took the Princeton Review and I got 1130. Then I went to New York University for Acting.

    • Bryan (about not changing his name): Absolutely not. I'm not that guy. I wish I was born with a last name like Cruise, but what are you gonna do? Cruiseberg? Cruisestein?

    • Bryan (on being Jewish): I've gotten 'he's too Jewish.' But some people say 'You don't look Jewish'.

    • Bryan: (On Scarlett Johansson) She's great and a lot of fun. She was young but still a pro. I really felt comfortable with her in the scene.