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  • Bryce's claim to fame was in the WB series "Popular" but his fame fizzled out...

    I loved watching "Popular" and I really miss watching it. It was a great show and its actors and actresses were really good at what they did. One of my favorites were Vryce Johnson..

    Bryce played the extremely handsome jock named Josh Ford. I thought Bryce would have had a huge film career but he just disappered after "Popular" finished. He has been in some TV shows and movies, but they haven't been any huge roles. I think he has the potential to make it big.

    Bryce is a really good actor and is really good looking. He has that boyish charm that I thought would make him a star but he hasn't found that particular role yet. When he does, I can tell that Bryce won't have just 15 minutes of fame, but years to come.
  • For someone so talented and willing to take risks, Bryce should have plenty of positive reviews about his work.

    You may have first been exposed to Bryce on the television series "Popular" as Josh Ford; but I think his performance as the older declining pop star brother, Harry, to a younger ascending pop star Max, in 2004's film "Harry + Max" is excellent. While some may make comparisons to Nick and Aaron Carter, I hope that isn't true. However, the mere possibility that The Carter Brothers may have a relationship as controversial as the one between Harry + Max probably had some tongues wagging, or at least fed a few fantasies.

    I'm looking forward to seeing him as Tazwell in the film, "Freshman Orientation" to be in limited release September, 2006. He will also be seen in the Bob Goldthwait directed film, "Stay" It was seen this year at Sundance and will also have a limited release in September, 2006.