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Buckcherry is a Los Angeles based hard rock group. Members are Josh Todd (vocals), Keith Nelson (guitarist) with new additions to the group, Stevie D. (guitarist), Jimmy Ashhurst (bass), and Xavier Muriel (drums). Buckcherry brings forth a rock n' roll feel that brings listeners with a mixture of…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Josh Todd fronted the punk band Slamhound back in the early 90's before the group Buckcherry was formed.

    • Josh Todd and drummer Xavier Muriel performed at Live 8. The duo performed a rendition of Aerosmith and D.M.C's (formerly Run D.M.C) Walk This Way. In addition, Josh Todd was among one of many singers in Neil Young's performance of Rockin' in the Free World.

    • Former member, Yogi had gigs with other artists such as Meredith Brooks, The Wallflowers, and Sound Assembly. Today, he is currently the lead guitarist in Chris Cornell's newest band.

    • Buckcherry performed a cover of the Dramarama song titled Anything, Anything (I'll give you) that was used only on the soundtrack to the movie Road Trip.

    • Actress Tara Reid had a role as a video girl in Buckcherry's video For the Movies.

    • Josh Todd was featured as a small role in an episode of FX's The Shield titled Cherrypoppers.

    • Josh Todd had a small cameo appearance in the movies The New Guy, The Salton Sea and XXX. The whole band made an appearance in The Banger Sisters. The band performed one of their songs titled Dead Again in The Banger Sisters.

    • The third song off the 15 album was Everything and had peaked at #6 on the Mainstream Rock chart and #23 on the Modern Rock chart and was recentely added on the US Pop chart.

    • Their second single off 15 was Next To you but unfortunately only reached #18 on the Mainstream Rock Charts and wasn't too much of a fanfare.

    • On October 24, 2006, 15 was certified gold which was stated on their Myspace website.

    • Buckcherry performed at KROQ's Inland Invasion with the reformed Alice In Chains and Guns N' Roses.

    • On September 11, 2006, a lawsuit was filed against the band after a 16-year old girl claimed she was topless and performed various sexual scenarios for the video shoot. According to the sources, all participants in the video had to show proof that they were over 18 and signed a release form stating their age. Band attorney Skip Miller is quoted in several news stories as stating "This woman filled out a release form with false information. And once it was determined this woman was underage, the video was removed."

    • Buckcherry allowed submissions for fan-made videos to be put on their website and their Myspace website that was started by a fan of the band that had made a fan video and spread it across the internet via Youtube and Google Video with over 100,000 views.

    • MTV rejected the initial video to Crazy B*tch and demanded more than 80 cuts.

    • Crazy B*tch was the first single off 15. The single peak at #3 on the Mainstream Rock chart and crossovered to the Modern Rock chart peaking at #13, The Billboard Hot 100 at #59, The Billboard Pop 100 at #52, and Billboard's Hot Digital Songs at #37, making this the first song from Buckcherry to crossover to other charts.

    • 15 was signed on with Atlantic Records (Lava/Atlantic) after a long-term deal with Eleven Seven Music. The album debuted on The Billboard 200 at #48 and sold over 26,000 copies.

    • 15 got its name since the band finished the album in 15 days.

    • In addition to their work for their third album, the band opened up for Motley Crue for a tour in 2005. Afterwards, Buckcherry finished 15 and started a headlining club tour in Spring 2006.

    • In early 2005, Todd and Nelson reunited with Buckcherry and added members Stevie D. (guitarist), Jimmy Ashhurst (bassist), and Xavier Muriel (drummer) and went to the record studio to put out their third album 15.

    • Also in 2004, Todd tried to pursue a solo career but unfortunately, You Made Me failed.

    • In 2004, Tood and Nelson began teaming up and performed with Velvet Revolver's and ex-Guns And Roses' guitarist Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum (also from The Cult) at the Randy Castillo tribute concert. Todd was overwhelmed about becoming the lead singer of this project.

    • Shortly after a few more opening acts, bassist Brightman, drummer Glenn, and second guitarist Yogi all departed the group. It was soon after that Josh Todd unexpectedly left the group itself leaving Buckcherry into its demise.

    • Although the second album wasn't a huge success, the band ended out opening acts for the legendary rock n' roll band, AC/DC and at least had some increase in fanfare.

    • In 2000, the band put out another album titled Time Bomb. In 2001, the single Ridin made a very weak impact on the radio and their album wasn't that much of a success.

    • The band decided to sign their second guitarist Yogi just before they went on toured non-stop to promote their first album.

    • Buckcherry signed on with Dreamworks Records to put out their first self-debut album, produced by Terry Date. The album went gold and had featured hits such as Lit Up, Check Your Head, and For The Movies.

    • The band got their name from an unusual transvestite, hence "Buck Cherry," who would bum cigarettes from Keith Nelson after their gigs done in Hollywood.

    • Todd and Nelson met with bassist Johnathan Brightman and drummer Devon Glenn and recorded some demos.

    • Buckcherry was formed after vocalist Josh Todd met guitarist Keith Nelson after discussing their interest in the rock band AC/DC.

  • Quotes

    • From Crazy B*tch: Hey, you're a crazy b*tch but you f**k so good. I'm on top of it. When I dream, I'm doing you all night. Scratches all down my back to keep me right on.

    • Josh Todd: It was amazing, the band was slamming, and then Slash just came in one day and just sh*tcanned the whole thing.

    • The All Music Guide: For a second record, it's surprising how jaded and nihilistic they are already.