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  • Bucky Covington; America's newest country music star is on a roll! Straight to the top!

    America, get ready for the newest, hottest thing in the country music world! Bucky Covington is on his way to the top of the charts. Bucky is not only a very talented singer and musician, he is good-looking, smart, humble, honest, and one of the most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. Bucky truly loves his fans and has no problem spending time signing autographs and taking pictures with them. He is constantly thanking his fans for helping him get where he is today. Before I saw Bucky on American Idol, I had not listened to country music in years. Now, with Bucky's new single, "A Different World", making it's debut, I have again become a country music fan. I can't wait for his CD and video to come out! Get ready, Bucky Covington is about to shake up the country music world!
  • Bucky is the real deal.

    Bucky Covington is talented and has everything it takes to make it. He is a wonderful performer and I have had the privilege to see him person a few times. He is genuine and truly cares about his fans. His talent is unique and while making money may be the objective of a lot of performers, Bucky is more interested in making the music that he loves. His new cd will be coming out soon and I am anxiously waiting for it. Check out his website at:

  • He's great

    People say that Bucky is talentless and should not have made it as far as he did. I used to think that aswell until the earleir part of the top 12 episodes of American Idol he was starting to grow on me... he started singing really great and he stood out from the others. He is really talented and I love his voice. He sounds awesome when he sings country and I woudn't have him sing any otehr genre. He came like 7th place on the 5th season of American idol, but I wish he would have gone on further because he is a great talent.
  • real cutey

    Some people don't seem to like him, but he is a definate staple in my top 4, I love all kinds of music, including country, and think he has a great voice, nice looking great personality, even if he doesn't make it on AI he will have a huge career in Nashville
  • Bucky, sing some Conway Twitty, that is who you remind me of, I think you have the talent to go far, your voice is distinct and memorable, and you cost me a coke at work cowboy. I think your smile is the sweetest. Keep smiling.

    Bucky if you could win American idol on personality and being yourself you would win hands down. I would love to hear you sing Conway Twitty. Last week at my American Idol Party, the Posse was calling you Bucky Yokem. Wow. That was a great song. But you have that distinct raspy Conway Twitty, growl. Sing it Bucky, It's only make believe . You would tear down the house. I hope because of your honesty that someone offers you a record deal, or a show, I would watch you. But you would have to promise you would not put Kelly Pickler on there, she either needs to learn to be herself, or shut up her dumb act looks just like what it is an act.
    But you my country gentlemen are sincere, and I wish you the best. Maybe you could go on Nashville star. You are better than any of them that are left. And they are not insultive either.
    I think you are a great person Bucky. And integrity, is more rare than talent, and to have both............priceless.
  • he should be the next american idol

    this guy is really talented and he deserves to be the next american idol. he is adorable and charming. he's got great talent and great song choices that fit his voice well. i really hope he gets huge recognition from everyone because everytime he performs he looks natural. he isnt pretentious and you gotta love the way he smiles!!!
  • BUCKY COVINGTON should DEFINETLY be the next american idol. He is the BEST and is going to make it BIG! HOPE YOU WIN BUCKY! I AM DEFINETLY YOUR BIGGEST FAN AND LOVE YOU!!!!

    Bucky Covington is DEFINETLY the MOST TALENTED on americas hit show AMERICAN IDOL. Bucky has the most star potential and doesnt have a cocky attitude like some of the other stars. If Bucky gets voted off i will be TOTALLY crushed. If he gets sent home he should know that he has enough star potential to make it in the world without having to win a T.V show. I think ANYONE should be proud to sponser Bucky Covington because he is DEFINETLY going to make it BIG!....Im behind you all the way and LOVE you! GOOD LUCK

    deFINETLY your biggest fan Shea Eller of NC