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      Harry Doyle: And I ain't goin' to your funeral!
      Archie Long: You ain't invited!

      [Harry Doyle has been summoned by his parole officer]
      Richie Evans: I got a call from the rest home today. She said that you were being a disruptive influence during lunch. That you refused to eat your spinach soufflé, and that you caused a riot. And that last night you made love to a woman.
      Harry Doyle: Do you make love to women, Richie?
      Richie Evans: Well, yes. Of course I do.
      Harry Doyle: Then how come when you do it, you're a stud and when I do it I'm a disruptive influence to society.
      Richie Evans: Because I'm only 28 and you're 72.

      Harry Doyle: Well, what do you want to do now, Archie? Rob another empty armored truck? Maybe start a collection?
      Archie Long: No, we've got to do something big. Something they woun't laugh at.
      Harry Doyle: Like what?
      Archie Long: We could take down the flier!
      Harry Doyle: The Gold Coast Flier? That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard!
      Archie Long: That's what you said about the armored truck.
      Harry Doyle: No, I said the armored truck was dumb. This is stupid.
      Harry Doyle: There's nothing to steal on the Gold Coast Flier.
      Archie Long: So? We'll steal the whole Goddamn train and ride it to Mexico.
      Harry Doyle: What for?
      Archie Long: To prove we can do it! To show everyone that we will not just fade away, but prove that we can still be tough and be respected for that.
      Harry Doyle: Archie, the Gold Coast Flier is no armored truck. It's a super-fast train going at 100 miles per hour.
      Archie Long: That didn't stop us the last time.
      Harry Doyle: The last time we got caught, remember? We were put away for 30 years!
      Archie Long: Now we're 30 years smarter. We won't make the same mistakes.
      Harry Doyle: That's right. Because we ain't gonna do it.