Burt Young





4/30/1940 , New York City, NY

Birth Name

Jerry De Louise




Burt Young is an American actor best known for playing numerous roles as a rough individual who was always in the bad books of the law. He was born on April 30th, 1940, in New York City, New York. He held numerous jobs as a carpet salesman and amateur boxer before heading out to serve in the Marines in the late 1950s. After taking a friend to the acclaimed Actor's Studio in New York, he was fortunate to catch the eye of the legendary acting coach Lee Strasberg. This was the beginning of a lifelong career in acting, which was kicked off by his seminal role in Carnival of Blood, directed by Leonard Kiltman. He was married to Gloria, who passed away in 1974. Together, they had a daughter, Anna Morea Young. Apart from acting, he has established himself as a consummate painter, and has gone on to showcase his world in galleries all around the world. Some of the movies he has appeared in include The Gambler, Chinatown, Across 110th street, The Killer Elite and Rocky. He is of Italian American heritage, and has written a historical novel titled Endings.