Butch Hartman

Butch Hartman


1/10/1965, Highland Park, Michigan

Birth Name

Elmer Earl Hartman IV


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Butch Hartman is an animator and director of the very successful series "The Fairly OddParents" and "Danny Phantom". Hartman grew up in Roseville, Michigan,and moved to New Baltimore, Michigan, where he spend his teen years. When he was very young earned the nickname "Butch". He graduated from Anchor…more


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    • Butch Hartman: (about parts of his job that he enjoys or doesn't enjoy) I really enjoy the writing process. And the boarding part. These are the story specific aspects of the job and I really enjoy story stuff. But don't get me wrong, I love all of it! The stuff I don't like? Hmmm…having to fix mistakes. That can get very labor intensive sometimes. And dealing with certain employees that don't do their jobs. That can really create an extra burden on everybody.

    • Butch Hartman: (about what he does if he has spare time) I have no spare time! But on the rare occasion I DO get some, it's always spent with wife and kids. Man they grow up fast! So do the kids!

  • Like Seth MacFarlane, Butch Hartman his flaws in his works

    I defend Butch Hartman exactly like Seth MacFarlane, who is actually friends with each other. A lot of people compared Butch to Seth because they both created three shows and they are very similar in art style. I feel like Butch get hatred like Seth except it's the different reasons. Unlike Seth MacFarlane, who is known for adult humor and using a lot of offensive stuffs in his work, Butch is notorious for his shows' bad writing style. It's understandable, because his writings are very repetitive. His shows always use running gags. Those type of jokes always run its course after being used for the third time. There are some running gags that are funny like Timmy's Dad always cursing Dinkleberg's name and Dudley chewing his butt. However, there are some that tiresome like Mr. Crocker in general (especially when he always yelling "FAIRY!!" ) as well as Dudley whining over things.

    Now, for the shows, I'll be talking about from the first to the most recent works. First, FOP is so easy to explain. It was a really well done show for the most part at first. But then, Poof was born, and most people are mixed with it now. I can understand the downfall of the show with Poof's birth, but he's not the reason why FOP is going downhill. The show is going downhill because most things are taken up to 11 like Cosmo's idiotic demeanor, Timmy's jerky behavior, as well increased usage of Timmy's Dad and Crocker. Yes, overage of Timmy's Dad and Crocker had been starting to get on my nerves and those two characters are prone to make cameos even if they're important in that episode. Timmy's dad may some funny moments, but he now he's a comic relief character and while Crocker is really used a lot. Season 7 had been my least favorite season though because (despite season 7 being my offical downfall of the show) Nickelodeon took forever airing these episodes and it started to show signs that there were more bad episodes. Season 9 had been alright so far. As for Danny Phantom, I really don't care much for it since it's an action show. I'm into that type of show and it's different than FOP. TUFF Puppy is my favorite Hartman show right now because it had more creativity than FOP nowadays. There might still be annoyances like Dudley's uneeded complaining and running gags, I still like the show. I don 't understand why people hate it so much, it's not even that gross for a modern day Nicktoon. I'm bummed out that the show is ending already (5 seasons should have good enough) and that Nick doesn't care about anymore.

    Writing style: Again, his writing is repetitive. It suffers from repeating a running gag over and over again. It's the weakest point of his animation career. Most on that on my REVISED FOP and TP review. 6/10

    Art style: I'm not big of a fan of thick outlines, but I actually like the art style he uses his shows. It seems like Dexter's Lab (a show that he worked before) inspired him to use that type of art in shows and it looks too identical though. 8/10

    Animation: The animation is kind of lazy on FOP but it got better on the new season for sure and that's one of my positive for the new FOP episodes. TP has better animation especially during climax scenes. 9/10

    Humor: Hit or miss for most of the new FOP, it's mainly hit during the early FOP and TP. 7.5/10

    Overall, Butch Hartman may not be my favorite cartoon creator due to the flaws in his show, but I still enjoy FOP and TP. Don't judge me, there are some fair share of excellent episodes of Fop from time to time, but I still understand why it's in a decline. I do hope when the show finally ends, he moves on to something fresh and new.

    Person score: 9/10moreless
  • He Is A Horrible Writer............NOT! He is the best modern day Nickelodeon Writer!He's Better Than Stephen Hillenberg!(creator of Spongebob).

    Butch Hartman Works For Nickelodeon and produced 3 hit show "The Fairly Odd Parents", "Danny Phantom", and "T.U.F.F Puppy". He has also worked with Hanna Barbera For a Couple Of Years!He is also friends with Seth Macfarlane who Made the Shows "Family Guy", "American Dad", and "The Cleveland Show". He Also Makes Catchy Theme Songs:

    Timmy is an average kid, That no one understands, Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands. Vicky: Bed twirp! Doom and Gloom up in his room, Is broken instantly, By his magic little fish who grant his every wish, Cuz in reality they are his Odd Parents, Fairly Odd Parents, Wanda: Wands and wings, Comso: Floaty Crowny things, Odd Parents, Fairly Odd Parents, Really odd, pea pod, buff bod, hot rod, Timmy:Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guave juice, Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake, Odd Parents, Fairly Odd Parents, It flips your lid when you are the kid, With Fairly Odd Parents, Vicky: Yeah right, and...............

    *he's a phantom

    *danny Phan- Danny phan- danny phantom

    Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very

    strange machine

    It was designed to view a world unseen

    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom )

    When it didnt quite work his

    folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it

    there was a great big flash

    every thing just changed

    his molecules got all rearranged

    (phantom phantom)

    When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair

    and glowin green eyes

    he could walk through walls

    dissappear and fly

    he was much more unique then the other guys

    and it was then danny knew what he had to do

    he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through

    he's here to fight for me and you

    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all

    cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's)

    * He's Danny Phantommoreless