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  • The nice guy who got far - luck and good circumstances played a big role in Butch's game.

    Butch was an interesting contestant in that he proved that nice people can go far in the game, given the right combination of circumstances.

    As a gameplayer, Butch had very little to offer. He was like an open-book: exceptionally easy to read, and much too honorable and genuine to out-right lie to anybody's face. In life these are worthy characteristics; in the game of Survivor, they basically mean you are doomed.

    And yet, Butch was (a most unlikely) addition to the final 4. In a move that might have shocked many, Christy was removed with the power swing away from the girls and back to the boys (for a while at least) and Butch again found himself in favour.

    Had this move not occurred, Butch wouldn't have lasted. In actual fact, it is remarkable that Butch made it anywhere near as far as he did. It was only that he was a very useful pawn to those in power that he remained. Had this been his strategy, I would probably admire him for it. As it was, I think it was pure luck. However, it is still rare for someone so honest and so poor at playing the game to last that long on pure luck.

    Butch seemed like a very caring person, and I imagine he would have been very comforting to have had around. His motto of "Believe In Yourself" is a worthy motto for anybody, and that wins him points in my book.