Butch Walker

Butch Walker


11/14/1969, Cartersville, Georgia, U.S.A.

Birth Name

Bradley Glen Walker III


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Butch Walker grew up in Catersville, Georgia. He had been a guitarist and performer in several rock bands in the 1980s. His most successful band SouthGang broke up in 2001. After that Butch took on a solo career. He created a new band, 1969, and they released their…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Butch Walker has released two EPs, they are titled Heartwork(2004), and Cover Me Bad (2005).

    • Bands Butch Walker has produced and/or written for include: Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is..., Bowling for Soup, Pink, Lit, Simple Plan, Puffy AmiYumi and All-American Rejects. Just to name a few.

    • Butch Walker was featured as a headlining artist on the MySpace-promoted Inaugural Hotel Cafe tour, supporting independent artists.

    • A few of the songs Butch has written have been hits for other artists including Bowling For Soup's song, Girl All the Bad Guys Want.

    • His band, 1969 have four songs posted on their MySpace profile. A full-length album titled Maya was released in late 2007.

    • A couple of bands that Butch has played guitar and performed in are Bad Boyz, and Byte the Bullet, which was changed to SouthGang.

    • When Butch took over lead vocals instead of guitar he was in bands such as Floyds Funk Revival, The Floyds, and Marvelous 3.

    • In late 2005, Butch released his first DVD, Live at Budokan.

    • Butch Walker is classified as an American songwriter, recording artist, and record producer.

    • Butch Walker produced The Academy Is...'s album Santi, and he provided keyboard sound and back up vocals on a few songs.

    • On the band Fall Out Boy's 2007 album Infinity on High, Butch is credited for vocals on the song You're Crashing, But Your No Wave as "The Forman", for co-producing the song Don't You Know Who I Think I Am? with Patrick Stump, and he is credited for crowd vocals on the songs; Hum Halleujah, This Ain't a Scene, It's An Arms Race, and Bang the Doldrums. He also has a short cameo in the video for the song This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race.

    • The video for the song Slow Down by The Academy Is... was filmed at Butch Walker's house, and he makes a small cameo on the vid. He is making eggs and listening to The Academy Is... play in his living room.

    • Butch Walker was a guest judge on the second season of the American reality show Rock Star: Supernova. The winner was Lukas Rossi and Walker produced a self titled album for the band which was released on November 21, 2006.

    • Butch Walker was named Rolling Stone's Producer of the Year in 2005.

    • In 2005, as a solo artist Butch Walker toured the USA and Japan, playing over 200 live shows.

    • As a solo artist Butch released the ablums, Left to Self-Centered(2002), Letters(2004), The Rise and Fall Of Butch Walker and the Lets-Go-Out-Tonights (2006). He also had a live album in 2005, titled This is Me... Justified and Stripped.

  • Quotes

    • Butch Walker: (When asked the question of who he would produce for if he had the chance) My wish list of people to produce is pretty small. I don't think of this as a job; everything I've ever done has come to me. I never really approached anyone [to produce] because I did it on my own time. However, if Elvis Costello came along and asked me to do his record, I wouldn't turn that down. The only other musician is Elvis Presley, but I don't think that'll be happening.