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    • Leftwich: The best part is all of the mistakes on offense are correctable.

    • Leftwich: Ed Reed. Just the way he baits the quarterback. He always seems to have an idea of what you are trying to do. If you watch the film, he shows you how he baits the quarterback and everyone seems to do the same thing every time they face him. He is the best in the league.

    • Leftwich: We've had a chance to play together two years, and we know what good and bad look like. We understand the difference. We know how good a football team we have. On paper, we have a great football team.

    • Leftwich: You can't think that way, ... We're not the Baltimore Ravens of 2000. We've got too many good players on offense to be even thinking that way.

    • Leftwich: I'm not one of those guys trying to throw Bill Musgrave under the bus. I look at it, maybe I didn't play well enough last year to help us win just one more game to get into the playoffs. I mean, that's the easy fallback to say it was all his fault. I think, me personally, I'll take some of the responsibility for that also. I could have done some things better to make that thing work.

    • Leftwich: I'd never knock Musgrave or none of that but I do feel real good about this offense.

    • Leftwich: They're having one of the best camps out of all the receivers. No, I'm not too surprised they're having a good camp.

    • Leftwich: I loved it. I hope he dances about 15 times this year. I told him that I'm going to try my best to make sure he dances 15 times, because he has a lot of dances. Reggie is real confident right now. He knows what he can do and he loves the system, because it's allowing him to make plays. As a receiver, that's all you can ask for.

    • Leftwich: I always feel like what I've got is weatherproof. I can play through anything: rain, sleet, snow. I always tell the coaches, 'Don't be afraid to throw the ball in the rain or snow.

    • Leftwich: I think weather will play some part in the game, but it won't win us the football game, ... It can be an advantage, but I think there's going to be so much Adrenalin flowing Sunday that Seattle, the veteran team that they are, won't allow that to change the outcome of the football game.

    • Leftwich: We made it into the play. It's just something that me and Jimmy have going on. There's a lot of balls Jimmy catches that aren't designed to go to him.

    • Leftwich: You can't look at his age. He's one of those guys who's just good.

    • Leftwich: Reggie's been making plays all summer. Look at what he's done: Reggie doesn't drop the ball. We just haven't given Reggie the opportunity to make plays, and now we're going to give him the opportunity to make them.

    • Leftwich: It was funny how people in the preseason were so quick to make him 36 and old when he dropped a couple of passes.

    • Leftwich: I can already tell you that when we watch the film, it's going to be frustrating.

    • Leftwich: You can't tell what's going on out there.

    • Leftwich: I don't want to say what it is right now, but it wasn't the knee. I'm happy the knee is OK.

    • Leftwich: All they have to do in situations like that is throw it to me, and I'll find a way to catch it. I'd probably get tackled, but I'd like my chances of anything if they could get it to me.

    • Leftwich: They've gotten faster. That's their style. They're just running around, trying to make plays.

    • Leftwich: Fred's 100 percent. He has been 100 percent for a while. We thought it was in our best interest to make sure he stayed 100 percent during the preseason.

    • Leftwich: I made a mistake. I have to deal with it.

    • Leftwich: You've got so many people watching you and looking up to you. But you're just not thinking about that at a time like that. You're in the heat of battle. I didn't start it. Things were said, things were done toward my way. I just returned the favor.

    • Leftwich: That could have been ugly. That could have been it for a while.

    • Leftwich: Jimmy, you can't look at his age. He's one of those guys like Rice. You can't look at his age and say, 'Well, it's about that time.' Jimmy will get old when guys start covering him by themselves, and that hasn't happened since I've been here.

    • Leftwich: Matt is going to be Matt. He's just beginning to play wide receiver out there. You can't really compare him to anybody. The closest person you can compare him to is Randy Moss. They're different type receivers. But I'm telling you that this guy has got the talent that not a lot of people on this planet have. There's not a lot of guys that big and that fast who can do the things he can do.

    • Leftwich: In the game of football, when you play quarterback, you're going to get hit.

    • Leftwich: Jimmy and I are on a level where I know what he's going to do. We've got that vibe where we understand each other, that we're able to do things outside of the route and make things happen.

    • Leftwich: That's the job of playing quarterback. You have to take your shots. You've got to get up from it and go out and be ready to play.

    • Leftwich: Those are things that scare us, but hopefully those things turn out well. You hope it's nothing major, but you never know.

    • Leftwich: Jimmy will get old when guys start covering him by themselves, ... and that hasn't happened since I have been here.

    • Leftwich: That's exactly how I broke my leg in college. That was exactly the situation. I was looking at the game and I went 'ooh.'