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Kevin's Room (2001) (TV) .... Paris How U Like Me Now (1993) .... Pierre "St. Elsewhere" (1982) TV Series ....Orderly Warren Coolidge Grambling's White Tiger (1981) (TV) .... Sandman Return of the Mod Squad (1979) (TV) .... Bingo "White Shadow, The" (1978) TV Series .... Warren 'Cool' Coolidge…more


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    WWWOOOOWWW ! ! ! ! ! its Byron. When i was a little, Byron used to date my grandmother. He was the coolest. I knew he played in white shadows, but i didnt know he had a whole acting career. This dude taught me how to play chess. I havent seen him in a while,but i see him every now and then. We have the same birthday. I hope he still gets royalties from his show. Man ! ! ! !

    i know he has a few kids, i havent met any of them. He would probally fallout if he knew i was bout to graduate high skoo. Hope i see him soon!!!moreless
  • I went to school with Byron. He was a couple of years behind me and I was impressed with his basketball career at San Rafael High School in Northern California. I knew he was in Drama at school but who knew he would do so well.moreless

    I look forward to seeing him on T.V. and I actually think he has done well in his chosen craft.

    Byron was not a close friend of mine but I know he knows who I am. Byron must have studied hard after High School to do so well. Heck, He had to learn to be black as Byron went to basically an all white school and spoke like the rest of us.

    ( Upper Middle Class) There were maybe 10 blacks out of 3500 white kids in that school.

    Now that he is approaching 50 years old I look forward to seeing him in different roles.

    Byron...I miss you ya big lug..

    Bob DeMuth

    SRHS Class of 72moreless