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  • A most attractive and compelling Canadian actor. I simply adored his character on CBC's Series "Street Legal" - which is the one and only Canadian TV series I have ever liked. Too bad it was discontinued. This Canadian legal drama was quite true to life.

    I've watched late night reruns of Street Legal for the past year, each and every night. I have come to like all the characters immensely. But in particular...Mr Johnson and his role as Chuck Tchobanian. As a matter of fact, I find him incredibly sexy! Perhaps he's changed quite a bit by now..Since I'm sure its been quite a few years since those episodes were taped. Nevertheless, I am still happy to see his (then handsome) face on my TV! I am looking for the whole series of Street Legal on DVD and would like to know where I could find it. I think that it was a quality production in spite of any criticisms. It appealed to a more mature mentality and from what I've experienced in the Canadian legal system and the types of characters that are found within it, this series was a decent enough representation of how it really is.