C.H. Greenblatt

C.H. Greenblatt


Plano, Texas

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Carl Greenblatt



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Carl Greenblatt
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Carl Greenblatt, born in Texas, now living in California, loved cartoons as a kid. In the sixth grade, he made a comic strip for fun called, Zibbler. Then, in college, he made a comic called, Durbingle the Goat Boy. Then, he was a advertising art director and made…more


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    • C.H. Greenblatt: A lot of myself is in this show (Chowder). I think people who know me can definitely see little bits of me in all of the character, and in the kind of comedy we do. I think the best shows usually have a good chunk of the creator embedded in them.

    • C.H. Greenblatt: I just wanted Chowder himself to feel like a squeezy little stuffed animal without any particular breed. The world of Marzipan supposed to be filled with all these weird creatures and people, so that's why Chowder is a hybrid.

    • C.H. Greenblatt: Most of my ideas starts as doodles, and I keep refining them in my sketchbooks until I get close to what I feel is a solid idea. The first Chowder drawings were a cranky old wizard and a little kid who kept his face hidden between his hat and his collar. I kept playing with them and evolving the characters until they got closer and closer to where they are now.

    • C.H. Greenblatt: I wanted to use the stop motion animation from the beginning. It was really important to me that we use all sorts of animation, not just 2-D. It helps set Chowder apart from other shows and reminds people that animation comes in all sorts of forms.

  • Excellent cartoonist

    I think C.H. Greenblatt is an excellent cartoonist. I enjoyed all the shows he had worked on. His first career was SpongeBob (season 1-3 and wrote Fear of a Krabby Patty). Then he went to Cartoon Network...Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and made Chowder. His current work is Fish Hooks (director) on Disney Channel. I heard from his blog that he is working on something else...I wanna know about that. Let me think about his work by order...SpongeBob, he worked during the old era of the show and did some excellent/hilarious episodes like Shangied, Gary Takes a Bath, Krusty Krab Training Video, I Had an Accident, etc (all episodes he did with Kaz were pretty much the best). The worst episode that it is done by C.H. is actually I'm with Stupid (but the old era as well). Then he did one more episode (Fear of a Krabby Patty)....great episode, but he did went a little far with the weird facial expressions. Also, he voiced Carl on Selling Out. He went to Billy and Mandy, not as great as his previous but I did liked some of his episode. His voice acting as Fred Fredburger was great and his character was hilarious. When the show ends, he went to Chowder, a superb show. Most of the things are very good while a few characters are annoying, and a few boring/lame episodes. After the cancelttion, C.H. went to Fish Hooks on Disney Channel. Not the best, but it is way better than the overrated Phineas and Ferb (I don't hate it though). I just wish he storyboarded/write the show cause directing seems to get tiring (notice in the latter part of season 1 and the whole season 2 as well will usually features Greenblatt and fellow artist William Reiss in every single episode). But all in all this person is a great cartoonist. All the shows he had worked on were NOT horrible at all. Let;s hope his upcoming project (I still wanna know what it's called, but it's a pilot picked up for Nick if I remember) will be enjoyable. 10/10moreless
  • This is the guy that was behind The Old SpongeBob, Fish Hooks and Chowder. Yeah he's a cartoon Genius.

    C.H. Greenblatt is one of the cartoon kings. He knows what he's doing and knows how to make a cartoon that doesn't run itself into the ground and doesn't have potty humor his cartoons actually have potential and REAL HUMOR. Let's go ahead and review his work shall we? Old SpongeBob (1999-2003) the old spongebob i think was the best spongebob or that's what everybody thinks especially me and C.H. Greenblatt was able to make it happen and he wrote every episode (well almost) and it was not dry humor or stupid potty humor Like Fanboy & Chum Chum this had real charm and effort. C.H.'s other show Fish Hooks which premiered about 4 months ago on Disney Channel and is already a big sucsess for being a great show. What's weird about this show is that it's on Disney Channel one of the worst channels out their today and C.H. still was able to make Fish Hooks have his great 90's cartoon style humor in it. And his most known cartoon Chowder is also amazing. Why it got cancled is f*cking BEYOND me. C.H. is a great cartoon maker. And C.H. if you ever read this... YOUR A CARTOON GOD!!!. That is allmoreless